My name is Stephanie Sunday Manuel-Brown.  I have had the pleasure of working within the Long Branch School District for sixteen years.  I have taught kindergarten, 4th grade, tutored for three years, taught Enrichment for three years and now, I have taught 3rd grade math for a year and I this year, have the pleasure of working with our fourth grade students here at the Gregory school .  I have enjoyed the variety of change over the past years but by far, my favorite and best fit is being in a classroom.
                   I am a self taught artist and my mediums range from paint, chalks, pastels, pencil and paper, clay wheel and kiln firing, jewelry making and casting just to name a few.
          I graduated from Monmouth University in June of 2000.  I along with my mother were featured in the Link , Asbury park Press and Atlanticville newspapers at the time of graduation.  All of this was due to the fact that my mother and myself were the first mother daughter team to graduate from college together.  My mother decided that when I was old enough to begin college she was going to go back  to school  for a fresh start at a new career in teaching.  Two years into her college career she was stricken with cancer and was forced to leave college giving me enough time to catch up to where she was in her studies.  My mother made a recovery that was nothing short of miraculous and in June we walked together and received our degrees.  My mom's one request was that I walk in front of her so she could see me graduate,
       I graduated with a degree in Education as well as Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and Journalism along with a minor in English.