• Fun Educational Links:


      Once you register for this site you can view books and more that are available for purchase through our class. It brings book buying to a simple and reasonably priced level. View the monthly book flyers (Firefly & Seesaw) sent home in your child's folder or online with the ability to enter your credit card safely and privately and submit your order to me to include with the classroom order. Orders will be shipped to the classroom and sent home in your child's backpack. *Reading to your child is very important! It is not only educational and stimulating for them, it is also a good way of bonding with your child and help to further his/her educational growth.*
       If ordering online, please use code: Q7GCZ to give us classroom credit.
    • Fine Motor Development to help with Writing Skills: Here is a website packed full of fine motor activities that will strengthen your child's dinger and wrist muscles to help them get ready for kindergarten. Remember, every child develops their motor skills at a different pace, it is perfectly age appropriate for our 4 years olds to scribble pictures and write illegible letters up until they are 7 years old. https://www.prekinders.com/fine-motor-skills/
    • Starfall: A Preschool-Kindergarten website filled with games, songs and activities your child will love to play while learning. http://www.starfall.com/
    • PBS Kids: This website provides educational games and videos for preschool aged children. http://pbskids.org/
    • Getting Ready to Read: Early Literacy Games, Webinars, Resources and Tips for Parents http://www.getreadytoread.org/
    • Technical Assistance Center on Social Emotional Development: This site make available to you strategies for Social and Emotional Development and helps you to implement them at home. http://www.challengingbehavior.org/
    • Vanderbilt Social and Emotional Resource: This site allows you to look up tools and strategies to help your child's social and emotional development. http://csefel.vanderbilt.edu/
    • New Jersey Preschool Learning Outcomes and Teaching Strategies: This site shows the alignment between the New Jersey Preschool Learning Standards and the observation tool we use to track your child's progress. NJ Standards
    • AlphaBlocks: These Youtube videos will help introduce letter sounds, both simple and complex https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fu5fzbxOG4U&t=916s
    • State of New Jersey: Parent Link Page http://www.njparentlink.nj.gov/
    • Social Skills Page: with activities for behavioral regulation and guidance http://www.do2learn.com/
    • Bilingual Site for English Language Learners: http://www.colorincolorado.org/
    • Baby Center: Milestones and normal development in pregnancy through preschool and beyond. www.babycenter.com
    • Kid's Soup: activities, crafts, worksheets for Monthly themes based on character education http://twigglemagazine.com/
    • Kidsparkz: activities, crafts, worksheets for Monthly themes http://www.kidsparkz.com