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As the proud principal of the Joseph M Ferraina Early Childhood Learning Center I begin May’s newsletter by acknowledging Teacher Appreciation week May 5-8.  The teacher’s dedication to your children on a daily basis is certainly noteworthy!

During the month of May lessons will include Planting, Gardening and Life on the Farm. The variety of plants in the community contribute to the curiosity preschool children have about things that grow right in their own backyards. In the upcoming weeks the children will observe, predict, experiment and draw conclusions. Many classes will take walking trips to Seven Presidents Park and Beach to explore what might have “sprung up” during this season of spring. Don’t be surprised if your children come home with a little sand in their shoes!


On behalf on the preschool we wish you all mothers a very happy Mother’s Day on Sunday May 10. 


School closed for Memorial Day Monday, May 25, 2015 

Mrs.Loretta Johnson
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