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NJASK Testing Grades 6th to 8th - April 28th to May 1st

The Principals' Welcome!

Dear Long Branch Middle School Community,
 "We, the Long Branch Community, strive to meet 
and exceed the standards set forth 
by the state of New Jersey."
In order to achieve this mission our school will focus on 
4 main pillars of professional practice:
Pillar 1: Standards-Aligned Consistent Instruction
Pillar 2: High Expectations for All
Pillar 3: Data - Driven Collaboration (including Evidence Based Dialogue)
Pillar 4: Foster Strong Relationships with Families and Community
 We encourage partnerships with students,
parents, and the community to accomplish 
the educational goals of the school.

If you have any questions or concerns that arise 
throughout the school year, please feel free to contact 
the LBMS office at 732-229-5533.
Additionally, please view our website and online calendar periodically for important updates and information. 
Thank you in advance for your support, and we warmly welcome you to a year of learning excellence!
Mr. Michael Viturello, Lead Principal - VPA Academy 
 Long Branch Middle School Administration
Ms. Evelyn Cruz, SCT Academy Principal
 Mrs. April Morgan, LDR Academy Principal
Mr. Michael Viturello, Lead Principal - VPA Academy 

    HR 8:00-8:05 
    1     8:05-8:48     43 minutes
    2     8:51-9:34      43 minutes
    3     9:37-10:20    43 minutes
    4    10:23-11:06   43 minutes
    5L  11:09-11:44   35 minutes  SCT
       11:09-11:52   43 minutes
    6L  11:55-12:30   35 minutes  LDR
    6    11:47-12:30   43 minutes
    6B  11:55-12:38  43 minutes
    7L  12:41-1:16     35 minutes  VPA
    7    12:33-1:16     43 minutes
    8    1:19-2:02       43 minutes
    9    2:05-2:48       43 minutes
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