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The Principal's Welcome!

 First Day of School for Students
Thursday, September 4, 2014
School Hours: 2014-2015
What a WONDERFUL time of year!
The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and the students are excited for summer!
We just held our 5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony on Friday, June 13, 2014. We are SO PROUD of our 5th graders and wish them the best of luck next year at Long Branch Middle School. Below are some photos from our special day and my speech to the 5th grade students and their families.
Enjoy and have an AMAZING summer!
5th Grade Class of 2014
Big Finale

Good Morning and Welcome to our 2014Gregory School Moving Up Ceremony!

Congratulations 5thgraders; you made it!

Congratulations parents; you made it!(Just think, you only have 2 more Long Branch Graduations to go…).

I keep asking myself if this day isreally here. It seems like just a short time ago I walked into this building tostart the year…..and then I remember, I did! While I have only been a part ofthe Gregory School family for a little over 5 months, they have been 5 of themost fulfilling months in my Long Branch career. I am so proud of each andevery student who sits on this stage before you today.

I am honored to stand here before youtoday to recognize all of the hard work and effort that has brought us heretoday, and not just the past few weeks spent preparing for this ceremony, butthe 6-8 years that your children have been in school here. Sitting down towrite something for today turned out to be a much larger task than Ianticipated. I tried to pinpoint what was so difficult about writing this, andwhat I came to realize was that there was so much that I wanted to say to thethese young men and women and this was probably the last opportunity that Iwould have to say it. Isn’t that the frustration of every parent out there,wanting your children to know everything you have learned through yourstruggles and mistakes? So, my dear students, here is 6-8 years’ worth ofadvice in 6-8 sentences.

1.    Make EVERYDAY the best day of yourlife; life does not come with pause or rewind buttons like your games and iPod!Each of you has so much potential; don’t waste it!

2.    Make mistakes and learn from them; nobodyis perfect, so acknowledge your mistakes and move on to make better choices!

3.    TURN OFF the technology! You aresurrounded by ideas and inspiration so open yourselves up to see it; the worldis a pretty amazing place.

4.    Never give up on your dreams; yourdream may change or evolve as you grow, but always believe that you are capableof achieving your dream, whatever it may be.

5.    Take responsibility for your actions;be confident in who you are and what you stand for. Character counts!

6.    Never forget where you came from. Youare a living part of the Gregory School and we will always be here for you. Wewill celebrate your successes, support you when you are struggling, and cheeryou on when you need motivation.

7.    Don’t forget to say thank you,gratitude is the best attitude to have. Start today by thanking your teacherswho have taught you and given you a special piece of themselves, then thankyour parents, guardians and loved ones for their support and encouragement.

It seems like such simple advice, butI assure you that life gets complicated. Next year, there will be lockers tounlock, classes to find, and electives to pick. Each year you will find a newbenchmark to look forward to: graduating Middle School, turning 17, turning 18,graduating high school, going to college, turning 21… the list goes on and on.Learn to stop waiting for what is to come and enjoy the moments, each and everyone, as they come. Start here and now, with this moment. Feel proud ofyourselves, walk across this stage with a smile on your face (so your parentscan take a great picture) and enjoy what you have accomplished; this is YOUR moment!

Parents, thank you for allowing usthe opportunity to partner with you in educating your child. We have treasuredour time with your children and will miss them dearly. We wish you luck in your transition to the MiddleSchool and want you to know that we are here for you too! Continue to expectmore from your children, push them to capitalize on every opportunity theyencounter and relentlessly guide them as they develop into responsible men andwomen.  

Class of 2014, as the song you chosefor today says, this is the best day of your life, so enjoy it!

At this time we will begin to presentstudents with their certificates, so without further ado, I present to you theGregory School class of 2014.

Ms. Beth Behnken
Gregory School Principal