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Welcome to Lesson 0-0! Lesson 0-0 is a place where you and your students learn about and discover the many digital tools, features, and content in the Teacher Center and the Student Learning Center. By clicking on different buttons and exploring different parts of this demo lesson, you will find information about EM4 technology and how you might integrate it into your lessons.

Red type in italics explains what the digital feature is. Black type provides directions on how to explore and learn more.

Here is one path you might take: Read this Lesson Overview page and then click on the buttons in the Button Bar on the right. Make sure to explore the ePresentation, where you’ll learn about the many tools available to use with a projector or interactive white board. Now let’s get started!

Each lesson has a Lesson Overview section. This is where you will find a brief summary of the lesson.
This summary appears on the Lesson's Overview page (see the 
Overview button on the right side of the Lesson Pages) and also on the Unit's Organizer page within the Lesson box.

Before You Begin

This section will provide direction for any preparation of classroom materials you should do prior to teaching the lesson.

Digital: Before You Begin

This section provides any preparation that should be considered for the digital implementation of the lesson.

Open the Presentation: Click on the Presentation button in the column at the right.


Select Play Presentation. The Presentation opens in a new tab or window in your browser. Note the tab title.

Review Your Lesson Resources: Click the Resources button in the column at the right.


This is where you will find all resources for the lesson:

  • lesson-specific student pages including the Home Link in both English and Spanish
  • lesson-specific teacher pages including answer pages and Differentiation Support
  • family pages including Unit Family Letters in both English and Spanish, and game packages for games played in the lesson.

For your convenience, the printable student pages are also available from the Print Worksheets button below the Materials lists at left.

Evaluate/Review: Below the Print Worksheets button you will find Evaluate and/or Review buttons.

  • An Evaluate button indicates that the lesson has a formally-evaluated activity (Assessment Check-In, Unit Assessment, Interim Assessment); click it to go to the Evaluation pane for that activity.
  • Review button indicates that the lesson has an activity that is for student reference only (Student Self Assessments, Facts Inventory Records, etc.); click it to go to the Review pane for that activity.

Review the Lesson Activities: Click the Activities button in the column at the right.


Here you will see the full list of activities for this lesson. Click on the first activity tile to start reviewing the lesson content.


This section will identify any vocabulary terms for the lesson. Terms that are defined in the Implementation Guide will link to the appropriate Glossary page. The terms included below are a sample of terms in the Implementation Guide and do not necessarily pertain to Lesson 0-0.


Print and Manipulative Kit resources are identified here.
Quick Start Guides:
  • Teacher Center Basic Features
  • ePresentation Basics
  • Family Support G3–G6
  • G1-G6 Student Learning Center Basics

Digital-only resources are identified here.
Lesson Presentation
Student Learning Center
Many lessons will include Differentiation Support, not available for this lesson


Physical resources that are not part of the Print components or the Manipulative Kit are identified here.