• Managing Difficult Emotions

    In their new book, Healthy Children, Healthy Lives: The Wellness Guide for Early Chilhood Programs, Sharon Bergen and Rachel Robertson talk about helping children manage difficult emotions:

    "In the early years, young children are faced daily with brand-new experiences. Some of these are situations in which young children can't succeed on their own or are dependent upon others to meet their needs. This tires and frustrates most adults. It's worse for young children, who can't understand or regulate their emotions yet. All young children experience strong negative emotions sometimes. You should see these moments as teaching and relationship-building opportunities. If children learn how to cope with these emotions while feeling supported and loved, they will learn to manage these emotions themselves more quickly. If they are shamed or punished for their feelings, they will continue struggling. You should understand these moments as opportunities to prepare and equip children with important skills for the future."