Name: Ms. Cassidy
    School: George L. Catrambone School
                                           Literacy Coach                          
    My name is Alison Munoz-Cassidy and this is my 15th year working in Long Branch. I love being a Literacy Coach. It has been my dream to work along side my colleagues and coach them so they are able to deliver high quality reading instruction to their students. I believe that all children are capable of being accomplished readers. I’m a mom of a child who struggled with reading in her early elementary years and, with the proper help and instruction, was able to become a successful reader. Seeing my daughter succeed is what prompted me to obtain my Masters Degree in Literacy and become a certified Reading Specialist. 
       When I am not at school, I love being a mom to my daughter Elizabeth, walking, reading, and spending time with family and friends.
    Today a Reader tomorrow a Leader