•  Bienvenidos a todos! 
        I obtained  my Bachelor's degree at St. Peter's College and my Masters degree in Spain at the University of Salamanca. I am grateful to be both teaching and living in such a multi-cultured community like Long Branch!  It's a priviledge to watch the students grow and flourish throughout their school years.  In Spanish class, the students are not only learning the  language, but they are taught the many aspects of Hispanic cultures.  In doing so, compassion, respect and tolerance of all cultures, becomes part of the lessons. 
    Assisting students in reaching both their personal goals as well as highest academic growth are a priority at our school.  Helping them achieve their greatest potential is my goal as a teacher of the Long Branch district.  
    You can contact me at dsantos@longbranch.k12.nj.us   
    Your Children Is What Matters Most.