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    Mrs. Kalliopi Papayiannis
    George L. Catrambone School
    Grade 2

    Class Slogan:

    T ogether 
     E veryone 
    A chieves 
     M ore        
    Here is a postcard from Year One at George L. Catrambone School.  Although the faces have changed since the time in which the photos were taken, the foundation in rooms 103 and 104 has remained the same.  We believe that each of our students has strengths that need to be further explored and cultivated. It is our goal to know our students well as individuals and to appreciate the unique qualities that make them who they are.  We slowly melt together and shortly after beginning the new school year, our students become a thriving mini-community of individuals who learn from each other's qualities.  TOGETHER we strengthen each other's weaknesses.  All students look forward to promoting encouragement and optimism inside our classroom workplace.
    Although math, social studies and science are subjects that are primarily taught in room 103 and reading and writing occur in room 104, Mrs. Tracey and I integrate all subjects in every class on a regular basis so that students continuously make real-life connections.  We also attempt for both of our homeroom classes to work together as often as possible so as to develop a stronger sense of teamwork and camaraderie.  
    The whole student is taught in our classes.  The needs of the body, mind, and spirit are considered in all that we do because we want each child to feel valued and enabled to grow into the best person that he or she can be.  It is our hope that the skills and values promoted this year will stay with our students throughout their years as lifelong learners, workers and members of an even greater community. 
    - Mrs. Papayiannis
    Team Pic