• Guess How Much I Love You

    by Sam McBratney Year Published: 2008
    Little Nutbrown Hare is trying to tell Big Nutbrown Hare just how much he loves him, but each time Big Nutbrown Hare's love seems to be bigger. Indeed, there is no way to measure the love, and Little Nutbrown Hare can finally only express it by saying his love is as far as the moon. After Big Nutbrown Hare kisses Little Nutbrown Hare goodnight, he whispers that his love is as far as the moon and back. This loving goodnight book has expressive and lively illustrations.
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  • Liplap's Wish

    by Jonathan London Year Published: 1998
    This is a wonderful book to read to a child after having lost any loved one, particularly a grandparent. A very sweet, gentle tale that will help bring solace and understanding to a child. Grandma may not be here with us now, but if we look to the stars each night, we will find her always shining (and smiling) down on us.
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  • My Many Colored Days

    by Dr. Suess Year Published: 1996

    This rhyming story is a wonderful way for parents and teachers to talk

    with children about their feelings. Each day is described in terms of a

    particular color, which in turn is associated with specific emotions.
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  • Peaceful Piggy Meditation

    by Kerry Lee Maclean Year Published: 2004
    Sometimes life seems like it's all about hurrying--so many places to go! And sometimes it's hard when things don't go your way--it can make a piggy angry and sad. So how do young piggies find a peaceful place in a frustrating world? They meditate!
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  • The Kissing Hand

    by Audrey Penn Year Published: 2006

    Chester, a young raccoon, is anxious about leaving his mother, his toys,

    and his friends on the first day of school. Lovingly, his mother shares a

    secret that will help him cope with his new world. (Ages 3-5)

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  • Was It the Chocolate Pudding?: A Story For Little

    by Sandra Levins Year Published: 2001
    With childlike innocence and humor, a young narrator living with his single father and brother explains divorce and it's grown-up words - like "New Arrangement," "Ideal Situation," and "Differences" - from a kid's point-of-view. Special emphasis is placed on the fact that divorce is not the child's fault, that it is a grown-up problem. Deals with practical day-to-day matters such as single-family homes, joint custody, child-care issues, and misunderstandings. Includes Note to Parents.
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  • When I Miss You (The Way I Feel Books)

    by Cornelia Maude Spelman Year Published: 2004
    Young children often experience anxiety when they are separated from their mothers or fathers. In this story a young guinea pig expresses her distress when her mother and father go away. But she eventually finds ways to deal with it.
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  • When Sophie Gets Angry- Really, Really Angry

    by Molly Bang Year Published: 1999
    Everybody gets angry sometimes. And for children, anger can be very upsetting. In this book, children will see what Sophie does when she gets angry. Parents, teachers, and children can talk about it. People can do lots of different things when they get angry. What can you do?
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