•  Playing Board Games with your children is an integral way to increase their social skills.  Board games teach many social skills including impulse control, turn taking, and coping skills.  If you can incorporate a "Game Night" or another special time to play board games with your children you will see a difference in their listening, ability to attend to a task, and follow directions.



    ·        Candy Land

    ·        Elefun

    ·        Hi Ho Cherry-o

    ·        Color & Shape BINGO

    ·        Don’t Spill the Beans

    ·        Lucky Ducks

    ·        Ants in the Pants

    ·        Don’t Break the Ice

    ·        Hungry Hungry Hippos

    ·        Silly Faces Game (colorforms)

    ·        Card Games – old maid, etc.

    ·        Twister

    ·        Memory

    ·        Floor Puzzles

    ·        UNO Moo Farm Animal Matching Game

    ·        Dr. Seuss Board Games

    ·        Noodleboro Games – Pizza Palace Game, Fun Park Game, etc

    ·        Take the Cake Game