• Please Be Sure To Practice Your Sight Words EVERYDAY!!!
    Our words that we will be introduced to ....
    I                             am                      blue                         where               three
    to                           is                         in                              up
    red                         one                     green                       was
    like                         it                          we                             look
    the                          yellow                 go                             come
    play                         at                         two                           said
    a                              and                      jump                        down
    can                           big                      run                           went
    me                           make                  pretty                        will
    see                           he                       yes                           saw
    my                             two                      was                        they
    ***Have fun....play games, make our words on flashcards to play a memory game....post them around your house.  We will be tested on our words, so please be sure to practice, practice, practice!!!!***