While this is my 23rd year teaching in Long Branch, this is not my first career.  After graduating from Villanova University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a French Minor, I went to work for Chase Manhattan Bank in New York City.  Chase had locations all over the globe and I traveled everywhere - Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and South America.  It seemed to be the perfect job until I was given the opportunity to participate in the Junior Achievement Program.  This program allowed me to go into New York City schools and teach children about the stock market, banking and the economy.  It was during this time that I realized I had a passion for being in the classroom and working with students.

    Before I made a major career change, however, I wanted to put my French minor to use.  I left Chase to work for a French bank - Banque Francais du Commerce Exterior (BFCE).  As a Vice President, I frequently traveled to Paris and used my language skills.  I quickly realized that it wasn't enough and it was time to answer my true calling.  I left the corporate world and New York City for the world of education.
    I attended Monmouth University and received my Masters in Teaching.   I completed my student teaching in Freehold, NJ and graduated in May 2001.  I started teaching fifth grade at West End School in September 2001.  This was a tremendous change from corporate America, but I am extremely happy with the choice I made.    Whenever possible, I share my corporate world and travel experiences with my students and hope this brings to life in them a passion for exploration, cultural tolerance and learning.  
    In 2014, I was given the amazing opportunity to be trained and implement the Project Lead The Way Launch STEM class at GLC.  I attended Rochester Institute of Technology over the summer to become GLC's Lead Teacher.  The program was implemented and has been a huge success. Since inception, I have been selected to present at 2 PLTW National Summits.  Not only was I able to highlight activities at GLC, but I was also able to collaborate with PLTW Launch teachers from all over the country. I look forward to seeing where the students' science, technology, engineering and math training will take us this year.  The possibilities are endless!!