Welcome to Preschool!

     Mrs. Cleveland and I are so excited to have your children in our class! We get to have your children for the next two years. We love watching children grow in size and maturity and watching them learn to have confidence in their own abilites.

    Please check our webpage occasionally for reminders and to see pictures of what we do daily. 


    Important Dates.....September 3 is the first day of school.

                                 September 7 no school.

                                 October 6 Back to school night! We will be explaining th Tools of the Mind Curriculum we use.


    lunch *Please fill out the lunch application located on the district website. Click the red apple at the top of the page and follow the directions.*

                           *Bring a healthy snack and drink to school everyday for snack.*

                           *Bring a blanket for nap every monday and it wil be returned friday to be washed.*




    September Birthdays!

    Zazel turns 3 on September 13!

    Erick turns 3 on September 24!