• Chantal Gudzak
    Long Branch Public Schools

    Treasures is modeled on the Best practice of gradual release of responsibility. Simply put, this means... “I do” referring to the teacher, “We do.” referring to both the teacher and the student and  “You Do.” The student independently.


    Whole Group Instruction:


    The Main focus of this component is for teachers to model guide students through think alouds; the skill or concept being taught.  Teachers use whole-group lessons for introduction, modeling, or partnering to engage students in quick reviews. During Whole group instruction, teachers introduce skills and model expectations in whole-group lessons. Whole group Instruction addresses the following strands: Oral Language, Word Study, Reading, Language Arts,and Assessment which are paced throughout the week in a whole-group setting.


    Small Group Instruction:

    The main focus in this component is guided instruction. Teachers rotate small groups through activities according to a planned daily schedule that is posted in the classroom.


    Teachers use small groups to provide explicit instruction that is differentiated for student needs. In small groups, student engagement is higher because there are more opportunities to respond and receive constructive feedback. Skills that are critical for learning and mastery are taught in small groups to ensure comprehension and mastery. Observation in small groups allows teachers to closely monitor students’ progress and evaluate achievement.



     The main focus of this component is independent practice and application of the skills taught.

    A Center is a physical area (or station) designated for specific learning purposes. It is designed to provide appropriate materials to help students work independently or collaboratively (with partners or in small groups) to meet literacy goals.

    Workstation activities reinforce the skills and cross-curricular learning. These small-group tasks involve students in meaningful practice and extensions of the tested concepts.




    Parents/Guardians, checkout the U.S. Department of Education website for resources on how to help your child in reading.