Jessica Alonzo: Principal, GLC Elementary School

    Alisa Aquino: Director of Grants & Innovative Programs

    Linda Alston-Morgan: Principal, JMF, ECLC

    Jenna Anderson: Supervisor of Science 6-12

    Kumar Beharry: Assistant District Transportation Manager 

    Nikkia Blair: SBYS Manager

    James Brown: Lead Principal, Long Branch High School

    Jenna Camacho: Supervisor of Student Services, Long Branch High School 

    Heidy Castillo: Supervisor of Bilingual Pre K-5

    Virginia Carreira: District Head Nurse, Nurse Practitioner

    Jason Corley: Athletic Administrator

    Joy Daniels: Director of Early Childhood Education

    Diogo de Assis: Social & Environmental Sustainability Officer

    Ann Degnan: Assistant Business Administrator for Facilities

    Christopher Dringus: Director of Technology    

    JanetLynn Dudick, Ph.D: Assistant Superintendent for PPS   

    Nicole Esposito: Director of Curriculum, Planning & Teacher Development    

    Kristen Ferrara: STEM Academy Administrator, LBMS   

    Lauren Flannigan: District Transportation Manager   

    Marissa Fornicola: Coordinator of Special Services    

    Alvin L. Freeman, Ed.D: Assistant Superintendent of Schools  

    Peter E. Genovese III: School Business Administrator   

    Vanessa Giammanco: STEM Academy Administrator, LBHS 

    Anne Gill: Supervisor of Humanities 6-12   

    Tammy Glanzberg: Schedule & Data Administrator

    Nikolas Greenwood: Vice Principal, GLC Elementary School 

    Hanna Greenwood-Goodell: Little Waves Childcare Center Director

    Chantal Gudzak: Supervisor of English Language Arts (Grades K-5)   

    Angelica Hernandez: Supervisor of Bilingual 6-12 

    Kim Hyde: Leadership Academy Administrator, LBMS 

    Matthew Johnson: Principal, Morris Ave, ECLC

    Erin Lamberson: Leadership Academy Administrator, LBHS 

    Jeremy Martin: Supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts & Industrial Arts  

    Neil Mastroianni: Educational Technology Teaching Specialist   

    Beth McCarthy: Principal, Gregory Elementary School  

    Michelle Merckx: Principal, AAA Elementary School 

    April Morgan: Supervisor of Mathematics (Grades 6-12)   

    Vincent Muscillo, Jr: SoSJ Principal, HLBHS   

    Walter O’Neill, Jr: School Safety Specialist & Security Manager 

    Lisa Pangborn: Supervisor of Mathematics (Grades K-5)

    Nicole Petraitis: Supervisor of ELA 6-12 

    Eric Peters: Attendance Officer from Middle/ High School   

    Bonita Potter-Brown: Principal, LWC, ECLC  

    Tara Puleio: Chief Academic Officer

    Frank Riley: Assistant Superintendent of Leadership & Innovation 

    Jessica Rodriguez: Attendance Officer for Elementary/Early Childhood 

    Markus Rodriguez: Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    Jessica Sargent: Supervisor of Physical Education Pre K -12   

    Jennifer Steffich: Supervisor of Special Education  

    Angela Torres: VPA Academy Administrator, LBHS  

    Jena Valdiviezo, Ed.D: Director of Personnel 

    Nancy L. Valenti: Assistant School Business Administrator   

    Gary M. Vecchione: Assistant Facilities Manager   

    Kristine Villano: Principal, AWC Alternative Academy   

    Christopher Volpe: Lead & VPA Principal, LBMS   

    Aisha Wickes: Vice Principal, AAA Elementary School   

    Laura Widdis: Vice Principal, Gregory Elementary School