Grades K-12

    Physical Education Program

    Long Branch Public Schools 


    Hello Parents/Guardians!


    We would like to welcome you and your child to our Physical Education/Health program at Long Branch Public Schools! This page is to inform you about the Physical Education program.





    We believe that a quality Physical Education program is fundamental for our students. Why do children need a quality PE program? The simple answer is so that they will remain physically active throughout their lifetime and reap the benefits of doing so. Quality PE provides students with a multitude of important learning experiences that cannot be duplicated in the classroom. Physical Education is that phase of education which is concerned with the teaching of skills, improving physical fitness, the reinforcement of other subjects, self-discipline, leadership and cooperation, enhancing self-efficacy, stress reduction, and strengthening peer relationships. Physical activity contributes much to the growth, development, and the general well-being of every individual. Some of the benefits of our quality PE program are:

    • An opportunity to teach character traits such as sportsmanship, teamwork, cooperation, encouragement, kindness, responsibility, self-esteem, respect for others, and so much more!
    • It gives students an additional area in which to excel. Students who struggle in the classroom may find increased self-respect and a new sense of admiration from their classmates in PE.
    • A quality PE program keeps our students healthy through participation through the program, while teaching them the basic skills needed for future fitness, athletic, and health success. A student who is physically and mentally healthy is more likely to be prepared to meet the daily challenges of living in our society, and is more likely to make appropriate choices about lifestyles.
    • Quality PE promotes long-term health and wellness by making health and fitness fun, and by incorporating lessons on the importance of movement for overall health and disease prevention.
    • PE reduces obesity and other health risks.
    • Research shows that a quality PE program will increase standardized test scores.
    • PE can be used to improve and reinforce learning across the curriculum.
    • Quality PE involves every student, and meets every student at his or her level of ability.
    • The goal of our program is to provide activities where self-expression, self-confidence, and physical and mental poise can be attained through perseverance and mastery of physical, mental, and social tasks.
    • Quality PE provides sufficient personal skills to perform a variety of physical activities, give the student a high regard for participating in regular physical activity, and gives them knowledge of the benefits, risks, precautions of involvement in physical activity, and a value for the role of a healthy lifestyle.

    Long Branch Physical Education is more than running, calisthenics, or sport. It is a total movement experience that focuses on fun, involvement, character, self-esteem, health and fitness, and total well-being for our students. It is an essential part of every day to live long, healthy lives.