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    Solutions Roadmap

    Parents often attempt to communicate with Central Office administrators and are sent back to building-based officials in order to resolve a problem their child may be experiencing in school. To prevent this frustration, parents can become informed of our new "Solutions Roadmap".

    Many parental questions are easily and completely answered by communicating directly with the educator in charge of the class or program. Each situation should first be addressed beginning from number one, followed by the next level on the Solutions Roadmap. Useful numbers and extensions can be found at the bottom of this page.

    On Matters
    Involving Transportation

    1. School Secretary
    2. Transportation Department
    3. Transportation Manager
    4. Business Office

    On Matters
    Involving Student Discipline

    1. Classroom Teacher
    2. School Counselor
    3. Vice Principal (Elementary Schools)
    4. Academy Administrator (Middle & High School)
    5. Building Principal
    6. Assistant Superintendent of Leadership & Innovation

    On Matters
    Involving HIB (Harrassment, Intimidation & Bullying)

    1. Classroom Teacher / School Counselor
    2. Building Principal
    3. District HIB Coordinator
    4. Assistant Superintendent of Schools

    On Matters
    Involving Instruction

    1. Classroom Teacher
    2. Case Manager (If Applicable)
    3. School Counselor
    4. Building Principal

    On Matters
    Involving Student Registration

    1. School Main Office
    2. Data Manager / Registrar
    3. Chief Academic Officer

    On Matters 
    Involving Guidance

    1. Guidance Counselor
    2. Supervisor of Guidance
    3. Building Principal

    On Matters Involving
    Extra-Curricular Activities

    1. Club Advisor or Coach
    2. Athletic Administrator
    3. Building Principal

    On Matters Involving
    KLC / Champions Before and
    After School Program

    1. Site Director
    2. Long Branch Area Manager
    3. Supervisor of ELA K-5

    On Matters Involving
    Early Childhood Education

    1. Classroom Teacher
    2. Case Manager (If Applicable)
    3. Building Principal
    4. Early Childhood Director

    On Matters Involving
    Facilities / Building & Grounds

    1. Building Principal
    2. Facilities / Buildings & Grounds Department
    3. Assistant School Business Administrator for Facilities
    4. School Business Administrator

    On Matters Involving
    School Based Youth Services

    1. School Based Youth Services Office
    2. Clinical Service Provider (Counselor)
    3. School Based Youth Services Manager
    4. Assistant Superintendent 

    On Matters Involving
    Special Education &
    Related Services 

    1. Classroom Teacher
    2. Case Manager
    3. Supervisor of Special Education
    4. Assistant Superintendent 

    On Matters
    Involving STEAM 

    1. STEAM Teacher
    2. STEAM Building Facilitator
    3. STEAM Program Manager
    4. Building Vice Principal



    Important Numbers:

    Main Number 732-571-2868

    Receptionist Extension: 40000

     Long Branch High School Extension: 41000

    Historic Long Branch High School Extension: 51000

    Long Branch Middle School Extension: 42000

    Amerigo A. Anastasia Elementary Extension: 43000

    George L. Catrambone Elementary Extension: 49000

    Gregory Elementary School Extension: 47000

    Morris Ave, ECLC Extension: 45000

    Joseph M. Ferraina, ECLC Extension: 44000

    Lenna W. Conrow, ECLC Extension: 48000

    Audrey W. Clark School Extension: 46000

    Transportation Department Extension: 40080

    Business Office Extension: 40100

    Champions Office Extension: 40405