•          Hola Estudiantes! There are many options available to practice our Spanish skills:
            1. Google Classroom assignments :
                          a. TERCER GRADO CODE# N7sse5f   If you like creating stories on Google slides, then create one using the vocabulary learned in  class. Look over my Google Classroom slide presentation for more information. Can you come up with other words to use in your story?
                          b. CUARTO GRADO CODE# axtrjhv  If you like cartoons ,then look at my Googlec Classroom slide presentation, del Tiempo (Weather) y de Saludos (Greetings) . Then use the vocabulary words from the presentation to create a storyboard with your cartoons on this website,   https://www.storyboardthat.com   Look at my presentation for more ideas. 
                          c. QUINTO GRADO CODE# e63wtqz.  Do you like creatihg animated Google slides  or record yourself in Spanish? Then create a Google slide  presentation on your daily routine. Have fun!    

             2. practica el alfabeto: practice your Spanish alphabet    
             3. https://www.pictocuentos.com :  listen to fable(s) in Spanish. Afterwards, draw and/or write your own short story using the vocabulary symbols learned today. Can you create your own vocabulary word symbols to add to your story?
             4. https://www.storyplace.org : listen to a story in Spanish and play games. Afterwards, draw and/or write the problem to the story you just listened to.
             5.https://www.bartolo.cl : watch episodes, play games, learn vocabulary, and/or songs. Afterwards, draw and write 5 new vocabulary words learned today. Can you use those words during the day?
             6.https://www.digitaldialects.com :  click on thematic vocabulary words and play games. Afterwards, make a list of words learned today.  Can you find them around the house? Can you find other items related to the vocabulary words? Then check them off your list.  
            7. https://artsandculture.google.com/exhibit/la-catrina-the-character-not-to-be-missed/4QLy5VO-pFjPJA Do you want to learn more about the catrina? Then look at this presentation. Then draw your version of a catrina. Can you label its body parts in Spanish? What kind of clothes would it wear? What's one fact you learned about the catrina?
            8.https://artsandculture.google.com/story/ZwWBnsgbSApFpg Do you want to learn about a famous Spanish painter? Then look at this presentation of Juan Gris' artwork. Which of his artworks is your favorite and why? Can you name all the items found in your favorite painting?  What's one fact you learned about Juan Gris?

            9. Specials Fun Newsletter:  WEEKLY GLC SPECIALS FAMILY HOME ACTIVITIES