Homework/Study Skills

Homework can be a major source of conflict for parents and kids.  But even if study time goes well in your family, it;'s important to make sure you're covering the basics.  Take small, simple steps that promote cooperation and good study habits.  Remember to:
  • Choose a regular time and place for studying.  It should be somewhere quiet with no TV or similar distractions.  Pick a comfortable spot and stock it with necessities.  Kids study better, with fewer complaints, when they follow a routine.
  • Allow free time first.  Some kids need to blow off steam after school by exercising or chatting.  Many also head straight for a snack or drink.  Keep healthy options available that will energize your child for work and play. 
  • Encourage organization.  Productive studying starts with a to-do list.  Older elementary school students should make one each day.
  • Postpone screen time.  Watching TV and playing video games are privileges that often take away from priorities, including homework, reading and socializing.  Save all screen time for after homework and studying. 
  • Pay attention.  Homework time is a chance for you to learn about your child.  Does she excel in reading? Struggle with multiplication?  Have trouble with spelling?  Work with her teacher to build on her strengths and overcome challenges.
  • Be supportive.  DON'T DO YOUR CHILD's HOMEWORK FOR HER.  But do stay nearby to supervise.  It's okay help answer questions and guide your child through problems.  But if you feel she needs too much help in an area, talk with her teacher.