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    Name:   John Luckenbill
    School:   Anastasia School
    Class/Grade:  Talented Instrumental Music Grades 3-5

    All students in Grades 3 through 5 are invited to learn an instrument.  I am very excited about the 2023-2024 school year. Last year we had a huge number of instrumental music students !  The students were all very enthusiastic so I am expecting to have a great new group of instrumental music students.
    Important Talented Theme Dates 2023-2024
    Winter Concert--Monday Dec 4-5:30 at the Long Branch Middle School
    AAA Handbook 2023-2024  

    Parent Handbook

                                       Student Homework
    Third Grade------Students will receive demonstrations of musical instruments in mid-year so they can see which instruments they would like to play
    Fourth and Fifth Grade--- Work on new band music--Use the music packets.
                        Visual and Performing Arts Standards
    1.1 --The Creative Process-All students will demonstate an understanding of the elements and principles that govern the creation of work in music
    1.3-- Performance-All students will synthesize those skills, media, methods, and technologies,appropriate to creating, performing, and/or presenting works in music
    1.4--Aesthetic Response and Critique--All students will demonstrate and apply an understanding of arts philosophies, judgement, and analysis to works of music