• "The foundation of every state is the education of its youth."

    Dear Long Branch High School Parents,

    On each and every day, the Long Branch High School community is committed to working individually, and collectively to know, to support, and to educate our students. In pursuing that endeavor, the Long Branch High School administration, faculty and staff is dedicated to cultivating and building the foundation of our students. Our primary goal is to diligently and consistently improve our professional practices while carrying out the mission of the Long Branch Public School District. 
    Our District's Mission:  "We, the Long Branch Community, strive to meet and exceed the standards set forth by the state of New Jersey."
    Our school professional practices focus on 4 main pillars:
    Pillar #1 - Standards Aligned Consistent Instruction
    Pillar #2 - High Expectations for All
    Pillar #3 - Data Driven Collaboration - which includes Evidence Based Dialogue
    Pillar #4 - Strong Relationships with Families and Community
    Thank you for your continued support of the Long Branch High School Community!