•  Howard Whitmore  

    Howard M. Whitmore                              

    Long Branch Middle School                           

    Vocal & Choral Music Teacher ~ Gender & Sexuality Alliance co-advisor ~ African-American Culture Club co-advisor


    8am - Monday 8am class
    8:15am - Thursday 8am class
    8:30am - Monday 9am class
    8:45am - Thursday 9am class

    9:15am - Thursday 10am class
    9:30am - Monday 11am class
    9:45am - Thursday 11am class
    10am - Tuesday 8am class

    10:30am - Tuesday 9am class

    11:15am - Friday 10am class
    11:30am - Tuesday 11am class
    11:45am - Friday 11am class

    "If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music."

                                                                                                              ~ Jimi Hendrix
    "Kind words are the music of the world."
                                                       - F.W. Faber
    Howard Whitmore
    LBMS Director of Choral and Vocal Music
    LBMS Gay-Straight Alliance Advisor
    Visual and Performing Arts Academy
    Chorus Room #1113 
     732-229-5533 Ext. 55451