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    Ms. DeLoreto's Teacher Page

    “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” 

    ~ Dr. Seuss~

       First and foremost, I am an avid reader and writer. Reading and writing along with teaching are extremely important to me. I have always been passionate about reading, writing and teaching, though I didn't always know how or where they fit into my life until I began teaching in the Long Branch School system.
    As the quote above says, the more you read the more you learn. Reading takes you on a journey to so many different places, places you may visit in your future or places you can only imagine in your dreams. The more you read the more you expand your vocabulary, grammar, and general knowledge, which in turn strengthens your ability to write. Write, just like reading can take you on many exciting journeys. Writing can take you to a real world places, back in time or across new worlds! Who knows where your writing can take you when you are the author! I read and write as much as I possibly can in school and at home. And I HOPE to encourage students of ALL ages to love reading and writing too! 
       If you have any questions about my website, anything you find or don't find while visiting please email me at vdeloreto@longbranch.k12.nj.us or call the GLC School main phone number.