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    Name: A. Renee R. Diallo         
    School: Long Branch Middle School
    Class / Grade 8: English Language Arts(ELA) - Reading (and Writing) Experience (Room 1054)

    Welcome Class and Parents/Guardians of 2016!
        At this point many things are "just around the corner" including 8th grade graduation, high school graduation, and entry into adulthood.  I will do my utmost in getting you prepared for it all.  So on your mark, get ready, and let's go!  Ms. Diallo 
    Reading Experience Overview 


    Reading Experience

    Reading Fundamentals Unit


    About the Unit: The Reading Fundamentals Unit of Study exists inside a balanced literacy framework. Within this framework there are opportunities to read to and with students (mentor texts) and to have students read independently (books or texts at their independent reading levels).


    It is essential that students have daily opportunities to read independently for increasingly longer periods of time so they can begin to readily apply essential

    strategies without teacher prompting or support. After the Interactive Read-Aloud Lessons and Mini-Lessons, students will transition to independent reading, and teachers will meet with individuals, partnerships, and/or small groups of students to provide additional guidance and reinforcement of the focus strategies.


    Alignment with the Common Core Standards: The Reading Fundamentals Unit of Study provides a focus for instruction that aligns to the Common Core State Standard (CCSS). In addition, they are aligned with learning expectations of the College and Career Readiness (CCR) anchor standards for reading and grade-specific ELA standards.


    Student Outcomes:

    Students will:

    • Develop an understanding of themselves as readers
    • Develop habits of mind for engaging with texts
    • Learn the expectations and routines for actively participating in a reading community.
    • Learn to self-select appropriate texts
    • Utilize comprehension strategies to increase understanding of text, drawing on readings of a wide range of text types including fiction, poetry, and nonfiction.
    • Apply self-monitoring skills
    • Set goals for themselves as readers
    • Respond verbally and in writing to texts

    Mentor Texts:

    145th Street: Short Stories – Walter Dean Myers

      Cars on Mars: Roving the Red Planet – Alexandra Siy

      Guys Read: Funny Business – Jon Scieszka

      How Reading Changed My Life – Anna Quindlen

    • Knock at a Star: A Child’s Introduction to Poetry – X. J. Kennedy and Dorothy Kennedy (Eds.)
    • This Same Sky: A Collection of Poems from Around the World – Naomi Shihab Nye (Ed.)
    • Vocabulary:

    "An elevated vocabulary is the power tool of a successful education." -- Ms. Diallo

    Students will be given new vocabulary words (8-9) every Monday. They will complete one sentence using each word for homework due on Tuesday. Vocabulary practice activities will occur daily.  The  students will be given a quiz on that week’s words every Friday. After four weeks of words, students will be given a test. The tests will count as a summative assessment (70%). Quizzes will count as formative assessments (30%). 

    Week 1 09.14.01: conflagration, decree, devoid, exhilarating, fluctuates, follicles, frigid , frustrated, fusion
    Week 2 09.21.15: ignited, illusion, indefatigable, marquee, indisputable, perpetuate, monotony, peruse, invigorating. 
    Students will be introduced to other words as the come up in class and their reading.  Students will also complete "Word Encounter" slips for extra credit when they come across vocabulary words in their other reading.

    Independent Reading Responses:

         Each week students will be given an independent reading response to be completed in conjunction with their independent reading. All responses can be accessed at edmodo.com. Edmodo is an online, private platform where students can submit assignments, view their grades, and ask questions as needed. These responses will scored as a formative assessment grade (30%). These responses will reflect the skills that were taught during that week.


    Summative Marking Period Project:

         Students will be required to complete one major summative project this marking period. The project will be based upon the students’ independent reading book (which they have been reading in class). Students will choose what books they will present on. They will then be given a day on which they will present. On the student’s scheduled day, he/she will present via the "Book Talk". The students will complete a prewriting form and essay and give an oral presentation. More information regarding guidelines and samples are located at the bottom of the page. Students may use a Presi or PowerPoint presentation for extra credit to enhance their oral presentation. This grade will be counted as summative (70%).
    Homework is a part of the formative grade (30%).  It is assigned Monday-Thursday.  For now, students have until the following Monday to submit it.  If not, the grade goes from Missing (M) to a permanent 0.
    Class work:
    Class work is teacher-assessed daily.  Reading logs, written and verbal responses, class participation, partner/team work, and note taking and other assigned activities comprise class work.  Conferences are held with students weekly. 
    Progress Reports:
    Grades are posted via the Genesis Parent Portal and can be viewed daily.
    Paper reports are issued at request and at teacher's discretion.
    Parent Conferences:
    I am available Thursdays and Fridays after school on a drop-in or appointment basis.
    I am available before school by appointment. 
    I am available for telephone conferences (732.229.5533)
    I am available for email communication (rdiallo@longbranch.k12.nj.us).