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  • Welcome To My Online Classroom
    Name: Mr. John Styslinger
    School: SCT Long Branch Middle School
    6th  Grade   Room 2031

    Welcome everyone, to our class' webpage! We will be letting everyone know "What's goin on?" in our class whenever we can. You can find out all kinds of things here and it's all just a CLICK away! Since we are going to be so busy early on, we'll start by trying to post homework assignments and other important information. Hopefully, as the year goes on, we as a class, will build this page into something special for our school's community.  
    You can reach me via phone 732-229-5533 Ext.42020
    OR The Best option is to use E-Mail
    Mr. Styslinger
    Check out all of our other PAGES!!! OFTEN !!!!!!!!!!