• Welcome To My Online Classroom
    Name: James Anthony
    School: Long Branch High School
    Class / Grade: 9-12 Mathematics

    Dear Students and Parents Welcome to Mr. Anthony's Webpage
    Classes: Algebra 2, Geometry, Financial Algebra/Senior Math
    Schedule: Schedule
    Extra Help: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 1:55 - 2:25

    Please go to my google site at https://sites.google.com/longbranch.k12.nj.us/anthony/home


    class codes

    Algebra 2 B1          7o7tmvg   

    Geometry D           u81uri

    Algebra 2 E1          ph3we3g         

    Finacial Algebra A2

    Financial Algebra B2

    Geometry E2         qqqasm



                                        Geometry                                            Algebra 2
                                          Geometry Syllabus                                                      Algebra 2 Syllabus