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    Welcome to Preschool 3 yr olds

    Room 13 Mrs. Wagner & Mrs Vieira

    Welcome To Our Room!

    This month the theme will be Pets. The students will focus on different types of pet and how to take care of them. The children will be learning about the Veterinary Office, The Dog Groomers, and Dog Obedience School.  

    The children have made so much progress this year we can hardly believe it's already March.

      Remember next Friday, March 11th, is our SEL Walk. Time to follow.



    Important information for the school year:

    Please check your child's folder daily for important papers and school information.

    Please send in an extra set of clothes 
    Please make sure your child's backpack has his/her name on it.

    Please send a healthy snack in each day.

    Make sure there is always a working phone number where a parent may be reached at all times in case the teacher needs to reach you.

    If you need to contact me, I can be reached at 732-222-4539 -EXT. 48113