• The Hate U Give Dialectical Journal

    Summer Reading Assignment


    For the One School, One Book Summer Reading Initiative, you will use a double-entry form to examine the details of each chapter and synthesize your understanding of The Hate U Give. This assignment will be the first Summative Assessment of the upcoming year and will also be used for the first Summative Assessment Writing Task.


    Online text:





    1. Either use a notebook or lined paper. Dialectical Journals MUST be handwritten.
    • Fold pages in half vertically or draw a vertical line down the middle of the page.
    1. Label the top of each column: left Evidence and right Analysis (See sample below.)
    2. In the Evidence column, cite passages verbatim from the novel, including proper MLA citation which requires quotation marks and page numbers (Page numbers are given in parentheses, known as a parenthetical citation, at the end of the quote).
      • Choose 35 quotes from throughout the novel. Ensure that quotes are provided from the beginning, middle, and end of the novel.
      • Quotes should focus on the thematic concepts of:


    • Individual’s Identity
    • Poverty and Socioeconomic Status
    • Stereotypes and Racism
    • The Power of Language or a Voice
    • Community and Loyalty
    • Hip Hop Music and its connection to urban communities


    1. In the Analysis column, reflect upon the quote and respond thoughtfully:
    • What theme or message does the quote convey?
    • How does the quote develop this theme?
    • Does this quote contain a particular figurative language or literary device? Diction (word choice) or syntax (structure)?
    • DO NOT MERELY SUMMARIZE THE QUOTE. Each RESPONSE should be an insightful analysis of the significance of the quote.
    1. Write down your thoughts, questions, insights, and ideas while you read or immediately   

              after reading a chapter so the information is fresh.

    1. As you take notes, you should regularly reread the previous pages of notes and comments.