• September 17, 2018                       



    Dear Parents/Guardians:


    I am your child’s E.S.L. (English as a Second Language) teacher.  The syllabus informs the student of what is expected of him/her during the school year.  Although classroom participation, passing tests, and attendance are important so is homework.  Homework should be done completely and neatly for success in the grade.  Please make certain your child has a quiet place and sufficient quiet time to study in order to complete his/her homework.  Also, please ask him/her on a daily basis what is being covered in class and ensure the homework is completed each school night.

    I hope to meet with you at the "Back to School Night" on Thursday, September 20th or at the first Parent/Teacher conference day on Thursday, November 15th.  The second Parent/Teacher conference day is scheduled for Thursday, February 21, 2019.  Please refer to district school calendar for upcoming events and scheduled recess.

    Please feel free to contact me to schedule an appointment for either before school starts or ends. Together with you, we will ensure your child’s success!



    Dr. Pérez



    The is SAP (Student Advisory Program) after school on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays at 1:50pm to 2:25pm for any student requiring assistance with E.S.L. classwork and/or homework with Dr. Pérez.