• HOMEWORK Your child has either Reading or Math Homework every night!! Sometimes they have both but every night you can count on at least either!!  They also have Handwriting every night!!  Math Homework is called Homelinks.  It is not expected to be sent home every night but sometimes we suppliment with writing numbers.  Reading homework takes the form of any letter sound we have been working on or practicing Sight Words.  You can expect that every Monday, you will be receiving the Homework Packet for that week.  Later, we will be reading , but for now just encourage your child to read!!        Now while this all is not manditory, we do highly suggest you take it very serious!! We ask that you inquire with your child about it and assist them if they need help!! and please check your child's work to ensure that they are doing their best work!!  We are trying to set a standard of best practice to set your child up for GREAT success; as both a student and in life itself!!  Therefore, we encourage you to encourage your child to do their homework.  Have fun and watch your child grow!!!

    Thank You, Mrs. Fiore and Mrs. Langel