• Hello AAA staff,
    I am the Multicultural chairperson for Anastasia.
    TEACHERS: Please email and let me know what you are doing in your classes for each month. Did you read a book, (please list the name and author), did you create a lesson around the theme?, Did you sing a song? 
     In the SUBJECT please write the month and your last name. For example: SEPTEMBER ITZOL 

    Multicultural/ Tolerance Monthly Themes

    Due the 25th of each month to Ms. Brenda J. Itzol

    Email: bitzol@longbranch.k12.nj.us

    September: Native American/ Respect for the Natural Environment

    October:  Hispanic Heritage/Family Values

    November: Patriotism Month/Civic Responsibilities

    December: Traditions/Respect for Others

    January:  Eastern Cultures/ Honor and Dignity

    February: Black History/Civil Rights

    March: Women in History/Equality

    April: Global Awareness/Genocide/Holocaust

    May: Western Cultures/ Respect for Self

    June: Luzo-Brazilian Heritage/Knowledge /Learning