You will apply ratios andproportions to help you convert a recipe to serve more people.


    Youhave found your favorite recipe for a dessert or appetizer and want to bring itto the class party.  The problem is your recipeonly serves 8 people.  Use proportions toincrease the recipe to serve 30 people. Make 1 serving per person.


    For this project you will need to:

    1. Choose one recipe from the internet, cookbook or home. 
    2. The recipe must have at least 8 ingredients. 
    3. Use proportions to increase the recipe to serve 30 people (1 serving per person).
    4. Create a poster board that includes the following:  (Use attached table to assist you)

    ·      Original Recipe

    ·      Ratio for one serving,

    (i.e. if therecipe uses 1 cup of sugar, and the recipe serves 8, the ratio for one servingequals 1/8 c. sugar).

    ·      Proportion used to increase recipe to 30servings.  1/8 servings=x/30 servings

    ·      Show the work to solve proportion. 

    ·      Round your measurements to the nearest half (i.e. 3.222 teaspoons, roundsto 3 teaspoons, 3.666 teaspoons rounds to 3 ½ teaspoons).

    ·      Scaled Recipe– Ingredient and new amount neededfor 30 servings.

    ·      Explain the math you used to solve this problem.  Your strategies!

    ·      Directions how to make the recipe.

    ·      Be creative! Use drawings, pictures, etc. to demonstrate your knowledge of ratios andproportions.

    1. Review attached rubric for grading!
    2. Extra credit:  Make the new recipe for the class!