Parent Involvement
The term "parental involvement" means the participation of parents in regular, two-way, meaningful communication involving student academic learning and other school activities, including ensuring -
  • That parents play an integral role in assisting their child's learning;
  • That parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their child's education at school;
  • That parents are full partners in their child's education and are included, as appropriate, in decision-making and on advisory committees to assist in the education of their child; and
  • The carrying out of other activities, such as those described in section 1118 of the ESEA. [Section 9101(32), ESEA.]-
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                                                      School-Parent Compacts
Title I regulations require that each school receiving funds under Title I, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) must develop and distribute to parents of participating children, a written involvement policy agreed on by parents that describe the requirements of SEC. 1118. Below, please find our Title I School-Parent Compacts.