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    Chorus                Ms. Kathleen Powers                  piano
    Long Branch High School
    The School of Visual & Performing Arts


    Piano Parent Presentation - Back To School Night - 9/230/20


    Chorus Parent Presentation - Back to School Night - 9/30/20

    Piano Classes:    Piano I/II, Piano III, Piano IV 
    Vocal Music Class: Concert Chorus 
    Office Hours:
    If you need extra help in Piano & Chorus, Ms. Powers days are
    Monday & Thursday
    1:45 - 2:40

          Codes, Links & Websites
    App  * REMIND ME* App 

    Chorus Students & Chorus Parents sign up here:

    Piano Students & Piano Parents sign up here: http://remind.com/join/a10168
    Ms. Powers will be using Google Classroom this year to administer
    home and class work assignments, quizzes, projects, exit tickets, rubrics and surveys.
    Be sure to sign up to the classroom SPECIFIC to your class as noted below, using your LBHS email address. 
    Chorus Classroom Code is: 
     Piano I/II Classroom Codes are: 
      A1 - siakefy
    A2 - zmdztxs
     B1 - xittiey
    B2 - tks2vs5
    D2 - bs7fjrx
     Adv.d Piano III/IV Classroom Codes are:
    * Smart Music *
    Login at http://admin.smartmusic.com/join
    Code is: QNVFQ-7NED7
    All chorus members will use Smart Music to develop their vocal skills. 
    They will find weekly assignments (vocalise exercises & music) that they will practice and then submit for a grade.
     Students must use their LB school email only & make up a password that they will remember.
    Lets Get There Together.
     Go Green Wave!