•                                    May 2018
           It is so hard to believe that it is nearly the end of the Kindergarten year!!!  It is wonderful to see the children still so excited and eager to come to school each day!  The children are continuing on a very positive academic education. Their routines have proven beneficial for the continued growth of your child!  So we will continue to ask for your support both at home, and in school.  It is so very important to be consistent with your child's education. School is not over, therefore, the we will continue on the path we have been on until Summer Vacation!!  This will include continual Sight Word practice, Reading and practicing Math concepts.  
           As we move toward the summer, we wilol hope that our children do not have get the "Summer Slide."  This is when the children loose some of what they have learned because there less structure and consistency.  Therefore, it is important for you as parents and guadians to help the children. By encouraging and supporting reading, writing and math will help the children not forget and be better prepared for firtst grade. Blending these sounds together is the basic steps towards reading. And let us not forget how excited the children are to continue on adventures with Jack and Annie and The Magic Tree House series.  The children love to read and write whenever they can.  It is so amazing to see!!!  So lets just keep on the successful academic path we have been on!!!