homedog  Homework
                              Jan. 27 thru Jan. 31
    Monday, Jan. 27
    -Print your new Word Wall Words three times each.
    -Math Home Links page 141 and Monday addition facts
    -Please read your Book Buddy book.
    Tuesday, Jan. 28
    -Please read your Book Buddy book.
    -Write five excellent sentences using your new Word Wall Words.
    -Math Home Links page    and Tuesday addition facts.
    Wednesday, Jan. 29
    -Read your book choice.
    -Math Home Links page  and Wednesday addition facts.
    Thursday, Jan. 30
    -Read your Book Buddy book.
    -Math Home Links page  and Thursday addition facts.
    Friday, Jan. 31
    -Please work on your research project.
    -Read your Book Buddy Book, please!