• My Background


    This school year, 2020-2021, marks my 23rd year as a Long Branch Public School teacher. That's a long time! By now, I have taught many students whose parents I also taught! I have taught in Elementary School (West End, Old Gregory School and New Gregory School), Long Branch High School (the old one), and now for the past 8 years I am back where I student taught, Long Branch Middle School (my favorite school). 

    Before that, I worked in a lot of different jobs. I was a foot messenger for a printing company, a proofreader for a law firm, an office manager for a research company, and a feature writer for a weekly newspaper. just to list a few of the jobs I have had. I didn't start teaching until I had been in the working world for over 20 years. Those years gave me a good foundation of work experience that I draw on to this day. Along the way, I attended 8 different colleges (I didn't go straight through) and graduated with a BA from Seton Hall and an MAT from Monmouth University. 

    When I started teaching, the job looked different. There was little to no technology. But one thing that hasn't changed is the fundamental goal of alll teaching: to help students learn. The tools are different--less paper and pencil, more keyboard--but learning English Language Arts is more important than ever. This is where students learn to be good readers, good communicators, and eventually to become well-informed citizens. This is where we learn important life lessons, and the importance of kindness, understanding, and hard work. This is where we begin to become lifelong learners. The world is an amazing place, and reading is one way we can find out as much about it as possible, even while staying put. And this is more important than ever. With a good book, you don't have to look for adventure - it's right there. I'm so excited to be finding new ways for students to access books online. I'm thrilled to be part of this new era in teaching. My hope is that my students all consider themselves lifelong learners as they continue through life!