• United States History 1                                             Course Syllabus 2011-2012

    Mrs. Wiggett



    This course is intended to be an introductive study of American History from its earliest settlers up to an including the era of reconstruction. It will provide students with an analytical perspective of how America was formed, its geography, and how it developed the strength and foundational support that continues to exist today. The course will require students to become familiar with our leaders, political system, and operations of government.


    This syllabus and many of the class assignments will be available on the teacher web page posted on the Long Branch Public Schools website. Your textbook readings are supplemented on the publisher’s web site, classzone.com along with learning strategies and tutorial help.


    Teacher Hours: room 131

    I will be available every morning from 7:00 am to 7:45 am – and every afternoon from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm (pending meetings)



    Course Outline:


    Course will be divided into four major (4) units as follows:


    UNIT 1: Columbian Expedition and colonial settlements

    UNIT II: War for Independence and the Constitution

    UNIT III: Development of the Nation

    UNIT IV: The Civil War and Reconstruction


    Units of Study Description:


    UNIT 1: Columbian Expedition and colonial settlements

    Chapter 1-3


    This Unit is an examination of the issues and leading factors of exploration, and settlement of America. Emphasis will be placed on the roles of Spain and England as they competed to obtain global supremacy in trade and military power


    UNIT II: War for Independence and the Constitution

    Chapter 4-5


    This unit is a historical analysis of America’s movement towards independence, the causes that brought about war, and the development of the world’s first functional democratic constitution. We will spend a significant amount of time on the constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the political battles that dominated the time period as well how geography shaped the newly found country.


    UNIT III: Development of the Nation

    Chapter 6-8


    This unit consists of a review of the development of America, and its role in the industrial revolution. It will include an examination of the differences between the States and the role of the Federal government. It will also examine the social and religious reforms which played a significant part of our country’s development.



    UNIT IV: The Civil War and Reconstruction

    Chapter 9-11


    This unit will examine the issue of slavery and the causes of the Civil War as well as the expansion of the national government that arrived with the era of Reconstruction.



    Course Readings will include the following:


    1.      The Americans, published by McDougal Littell (2007) {course text}

    2.      Classzone.com, related internet source for textbook)

    3.      Selected Supreme Court cases

    4.      Selected Primary sources

    5.      Periodicals – analyzing maps

    6.      Additional supplemental readings provided over the period of the course


    Course Requirements:

    Students are expected to maintain a three ring binder notebook since numerous handouts will be provided and they must be included in their notebook as there will be a graded notebook checks. In addition, students are expected to always bring a pen or pencil and paper to class and failure to do so will result in the reduction of a class participation grade.


    Grading Policy:


    Department grading policy is as follows:


    30% Tests – Project – Quizzes

    25% Homework

    20% Class work and Participation

    25% Writing


    Each unit will contain several quizzes, chapter tests, reading assignments, worksheet assignments, class notes and homework. There will be several projects spread throughout the course related to the units being studied. All assignments are due on their announced date. In order for me to consider excusing your absence to extend a due date there must be a note from a parent or guardian explaining that absence.  Assignments handed in late will lose credit as follows: I class day late 25%, 2 class days late 50%. No assignments will be accepted more than two class days late. If you missed a scheduled exam/quiz you must make it up the next day you attend school. A reduction of 5 points for each day the exam is not taken. Being late to class will result in a loss of points for any assignment that you missed unless it is excused by an administrator or teacher.