Welcome to Room 44!
    Please make sure to return all necessary paperwork in your child's folder.
    This month we will be learning about the roles of authors and illustrators. We will be creating our own stories.
    We will discuss classroom and school rules and why they are important.
    Math will include counting and learning numbers. We will sort and classify groups. We will explore ten frames and graphs. We will count by tens. We will practice measuring and use mathematical vocablary.
    We will practice all letter sounds and how to blend them into words. Our sight word vocabulary keeps growing!
    Writing will consist of adding detail to our drawings and writing the first sound of each word on our own. We will listen to stories and write about them.
    All these are foundations that we will build upon throughout the year.
    Please send a complete change of uniform clothes to school in a marked bag.  We will store these in your chil's backpack in the event of any accidents.  This will also save you time in having to bring clean clothes to school in an emergency. 


    We can say the names of the letters of the alphabet, and learn their sounds.

    We know the sounds that each letter makes (K.RF. 3)

    I, can, me
    We can read common words by sight (K.RF.3)

    We can count sets of objects, identify numbers and shapes. 
    We can use terms to describe length, width and height. 
    We know number names and count the sequence (K.CC.1-3).

     ten in the bed
     More Shapes   
      TEENS     100



     Please review all letter sounds and practice writing them.
     /a/- around the apple and down the leaf
    /m/- man marches over the mountain
    /d/- around the dinosaurs back, head to toe
    /s/- left around, right around, head to tail
    /t/- down the tower, lift and cross
    /f/- down the floppy flower and across the stem
    /i/- down the insect, lift and dot
    /n/- down Nate, over the net
    /b/-down the bat, around the ball
    /o/- left around the octopus
    /k/- from head to toe, kick up, kick down
    /r/- from head to tail, over his paws
    /r/- from head to tail, over his paws
    /l/- down the long leg
    /p/-from head to tail and around the parrot
    /c/- curl left around the caterpillar
    /u/- right under the umbrella
    /w/- wiggle down, wiggle up, wiggle down, wiggle up
    /h/- from head to hoof and over his back
     /g/- left around the girls head, down her braid and curl
    /e/- right around his ear, then all around his trunk
    /j/ -down Janes back, up to her toes. Jump to the ball
    /y/- Slant down one string and way down the other
    /q/-Left around the queen and way down her shaft
    /z/- Zig right, zag left, zig right