Meredith Riddle, Ed.D.

    I have enjoyed teaching Social Studies at multi-levels including 18 years at Long Branch public schools. I have taught subjects central in social studies ranging from k-5, 6-8, and 9-12th grade. I have taught at Long Branch High School multi-leveled history classes as well as Advanced Placement. I have also taught social studies at the Gregory School. This year I will be continuing teaching Social Studies 8th grade American History, my favorite subject.  I specialize in creative methods to reach any student.  My lessons are engaging and fun while bringing enthusiasm back to the classroom. I also plan to integrate career & college readiness as well as literacy into every lesson providing each student with a rich view of history, culture, and civic responsibility in our modern world. My hope is that the passion that I instill in my students creates a passion for our country's diverse history and work ethic. It will be challenging work, but the benefits will assist the student in many future endeavors as well as provide them an appreciation for their country and heritage. I welcome each and every student to 8th grade! Leaving a legacy requires work and dedication. In 8th grade, it is time to make your legacy known! 

    • “There's a million things I haven't done, just you wait.” — Alexander Hamilton.

    Contact Information: 

    My email address is mriddle@longbranch.k12.nj.us

    Google voice phone number is: ‪(732) 655-4135‬

    Twitter: @DrMRiddle


    Dr. Meredith Riddle graduated in 2019 with a Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership at Monmouth University.   Prior to that, she received her Master’s Degree 2008 in American History. Dr. Riddle has a minor in Psychology/Sociology with clinical field experience. Dr. Riddle was awarded DAR New Jersey American History Teacher of the Year 2019, Teacher of the Year at the Long Branch Middle School 2017, District Teacher of the Year in 2007, as well as Veteran's Teacher of the Year for Monmouth County 2008.  Dr. Riddle loves teaching Social Studies and also teaches for Monmouth University as an Adjunct Professor teaching Social Studies Content Methods, Elementary Social Studies, and Integrated Methods. Dr. Riddle specializes in creating an enthusiastic environment in which students can get creative with their subject matter. Previous work awards have been an induction in 2011 into the Delta Kappa International Honors Society for Women Educators as a representative from New Jersey and nominated for the Martin Luther King Jr. award 2014.



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