• Calendar Math
     Common Core Standards: K.CC.1,2,4c
    15 Minute Math/Calendar math is our morning meeting where we explore the calendar (days of the week, months of the year, date, and year), learn an important daily message, and get to know our peers while signing in for the day. Right now our students are working on the following skills:
    -yesterday, today, and tomorrow
    -the months of the year
    -counting  by 1s up to 31
    -counting on from a given number
    -the year
    -graphing the daily weather
    -recalling personal information such as name, phone number, and address
    -recognizing and extending two and three step patterns
    -counting using a tens frame
    -the date in money
    days of school tally
              days of school
    Common Core Standard: L.K.1a
    During handwriting time we work with the students on fine motor activities and building pre-writing and writing skills. 
    ELA-Reading Foundational Skills: Phonics and Word Recognition 3a SWBAT demonstrate basic knowledge of one-to-one letter sound correspondences
    we are practicing these letter sounds:
    ELA-Literacy RF1.3a SWBAT Know and apply phonics and word analysis skills.
    adding _ing to verbs
    blends and digraphs
    long a
    long e
    Common Core Standard: K.CC.1, 1.NBT.1
    In Math, we are exploring numbers.
    Our favorite math video on youtube is:  I Can Count to 100. Check it out!
    NJCCCStandard: 6.3
    We will be exploring Life Science first this year 
    Life Skills 
    This year we will continue to help develop and build independence in completing daily living skills.