• Advanced Algebra


    Algebra 1

    Course Description

    The primary goal of the course is to develop advance algebraic tools and mathematical reasoning that will help you participate fully in life beyond school. Lessons will be discovered mostly through investigations. Appropriate technology will be incorporated.

    Learning Outcomes

    Students will be able to make sense of important algebraic concepts, learn essential skills, and discover how to use algebra.

    Required Text

    Discovering Advanced Algebra An Investigative Approach by Murdock, Kamischke and Kamischke


    Assignments & Academic Calendar

    Problem Solving with Algebra


    Pictures, Graphs and Diagrams

    Symbolic Representation

    Organizing Information                                                         Quizzes and Chapter Test


    Differences and Ratios

    Recursively Defined Sequences

    Modeling Growth and Decay

    A First Look at Limits

    Graphing Sequences                                                        Quizzes and Chapter 1 Test

    Linear Models and Systems

    Linear Equations and Arithmetic Sequences Revisiting Slope

    Fitting a Line to Data

    Linear Systems

    Substitution and Elimination                                               Quizzes and Chapter 3 Test


    Matrices and Linear Systems

    Matrix Representations

    Matrix Operations

    Solving Systems with Inverse Matrices

    Systems of Inequalities                                                        Quizzes and Chapter 6 Test


    Randomness and Probability

    Counting Outcomes and Tree Diagrams

    Mutually Exclusive Events and Venn Diagrams

    Random Variables and Expected Value

    Permutations and Probability

    Combinations and Probability                                            Quizzes and Chapter 10 Test


    Describing Data

    Box Plots

    Measures of Spread

    Histograms and Percentile Ranks                                          Quizzes and Chapter 2 Test



    Right Triangle Trigonometry

    The Law of Sine

    The Law of Cosines

    Extending Trigonometry                                                     Quizzes and Chapter 12 Test

    Functions, Relations and Transformations

    Interpreting Graphs

    Function Notation

    Lines in Motion

    Translations and the Quadratic Family

    Reflections and the Square Root Family

    Dilations and the Absolute-Value Family

    Compositions of Functions                                                    Quizzes and Chapter 4 Test

    Exponential and Power Functions

    Exponential Functions

    Properties of Exponents and Power Functions

    Rational Exponents and Roots

    Applications of Exponents and Power Functions

    Building Inverses of Functions                                              Quizzes and Chapter 5 Test





    Quadratic and Other Polynomial Functions

    Polynomial Degree and Finite Differences

    Equivalent Quadratic Forms

    Completing the Square

    The Quadratic Formula

    Complex Numbers

    Factoring Polynomials

    Higher Degree Polynomials

    More About Finding Solutions

                Quizzes and Chapter 7 Test

    Rational Functions

    Using the Distance Formula

    Introduction to Rational Functions

    Graphs of Rational Functions

    Operations with Rational Expressions

                               Quizzes and Chapter 8 Test

    Insert Exam Date(s), Time(s)

    Mid-Term Examination – January 23-27, 2012

    Final Examination – June 11-15, 2012


    Course Policies

    Grading (credit) Criteria

    Tests 30%

    Quizzes 25%

    Homework 15%

    Class Work 20%

    Notebook 10%