• Chapter


    Chapter 1

    Introducing Geometry

    Students will write their own definitions of many geometry terms and geometric figures.  Start a notebook with a list of all terms and definitions, and develop useful visual thinking skills. 

    Chapter 2

    Reasoning In Geometry

    Perform geometry investigations and make many discoveries by observing common features or patterns.  Use your discoveries to solve problems through inductive reasoning.  


    Students will learn about vertical angles and linear pairs, make conjectures and learn to use deductive reasoning. 


    Chapter 3

    Using Tools of Geometry

    Develop skills using a compass, straightedge, patty paper, and geometry software.  See how to create complex figures using these tools. 

    Chapter 4

    Discovering and Proving Triangle Properties

    Learn why triangles are so useful in structures.  Discover relationships between the sides and angles of triangles.  Learn about conditions that guarantee that two triangles are congruent. 

    Chapter 11


    Review ratio and proportion.  Define similar polygons and solids.  Discover shortcuts for similar triangles. 

    Chapter 5

    Discovering and Proving Polygon Properties

    Study properties of convex polygons.  Discover relationships among their angles, sides, and diagonals.  Learn about real world applications of special polygons. 

    Chapter 6

    Discovering and Proving Circle Properties

    Discover properties of tangent lines.  Learn relationships among chord, arcs and angles.  Learn how to calculate arc length.  Prove circle conjectures. 

    Chapter 7

    Transformations and Tessellations

    Discover basic properties of transformations and symmetry.  Learn about symmetry in art and nature. 

    Chapter 8


    Discover area formulas for geometric figures.  Use area formulas to solve problems.  Learn how to find surface areas of three dimensional shapes. 

    Chapter 9

    Pythagorean Theorem

    Explore the Pythagorean theorem and use it to calculate the distance between any two points. 

    Chapter 10


    Explore, define and discover formulas for three dimensional solids. 

    Chapter 12


    Define important ratios between the sides of a right triangle.  Use these trig ratios to solve problems involving right triangles.