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    When I was asked to cover the Creative Writing classes during virtual learning, I was excited to take on the task! I love to read and write. It is quite lonely though in Room 407 on an almost empty floor, so we make the most of it online! I love when they show their faces, but if they choose not to- that is ok!! 

    Everything the student needs is on Google Classroom. We were using Google Meet for our online meetings, but after trying ZOOM, I have found that easier to use. It is a learning experience for all of us and I do not want any of them to stress! We have enough stress going on in the world today, no need to add anymore. :)

    We are keeping a journal with a different writing prompt per day. They also have time to work on them during our asynchronous learning time. This week and next week we are working on the different genres of fiction. Trying to make writing fun, I will give them a beginning of a story, and then ask that they "creatively" write an ending. They have such imaginations that amaze me and each ending was completely different last week.

    We will delve deeper into the different types of genre of fiction. The goal will be to write their own short story in the genre that they choose as their first major writing assignment.

    I will take late work and do not take points off. The students have been great letting me know if they need more time, etc. I am available on remind and google classroom/chat. I also have office hours every Wednesday and Friday between 12:35-1:40. I can also be reached by email calcott@longbranch.k12.nj.us I hope everyone has a fantastic school year and please stay safe!


    Google classroom CODES


    Period A2 - tmleoyw


    Period B1 - 2xeeei3


    Period C2 - wjjwz43


    Period D1 - hnafb2j


    Period D2 - 4ejdicr