• Back to School Night and Weekly Updates

    Posted by Jessica Delisa on 10/7/2020



    As hopefully you know tonight is Back to School night. It is a virtual Back to School Night. Here is some information on how to attend:


    Option 1 - Visit the Long Branch Middle School Website. Scroll down to the first announcement which will direct you to the Long Branch Facebook page or YouTube page. From there you will click on the menu button on the top left (the three lines) and click on “Teacher Pages.” You can go to each teacher page to find their Back to School Night videos and question forms. 


    Option 2- Have your child log into Google Classroom. Visit each classroom where you should find a link to the same video and feedback form. For my class you can find the information on my teacher page or Google Classroom under “Classwork” and the Back to school heading. 


    What we are up to:

    This week we are learning standard form division, or as you may know it long division. Students will be required to develop this skill in 6th grade and use it throughout the year. This is the same type of division you learned in grade school. 


    Make up missed sessions

    I have been able to post video lessons taken from zoom sessions and create learning sessions for students who were absent, who got bumped out of zoom and missed something, or who need to see it again. If students were absent or bumped they should complete the practice problems in the Nearpod. Students can find these lessons in the “classwork” section of Google Classroom. Scroll to the corresponding week and click on “make up slides.” To Nearpods will be there at the end of the week. Pick the session they missed. 



    Taking Notes is essential to learning. I began a notebook check which will be a part of student’s grades going forward. As I look at the notes I see a lot of students need help writing full notes. They are not always writing everything they should be and some students are struggling with how to write organized notes. If you have a moment ask to see their math notes. Help explain to written the written notes (titles, and steps (with words), and the steps with numbers). This is a great way to help them succeed this year and beyond. Some students are writing 2 problems on an entire page or skipping a lot of lines. I will be giving feedback, but it would be helpful if they have someone next to them help guide them. 


    Extra help

    Students should be seeing me after class if they need help. I have office hours every Wednesday at 1:30-2:45. I can help with skills or completing work. I can also meet on other days by appointment.


    This week’s assignments:

    15 points - Zoom sessions (Nearpod Make up Slides)

    15 points - discussion + reply to three people. 

    10 points - Prodigy 20 questions 

    10 points - Division practice


    Next week will finish up division and begin to work on Exponents.

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  • Heading into Week 4

    Posted by Jessica Delisa on 9/27/2020

    Hello again, 


    Please check out what is happening in math class. Below I share the details of the past and upcoming week. Please be mindful that things may change as I adapt to the needs of the students. I am also still learning how long activities take in the virtual environment. Any updates will be posted on Google Classroom. 


    This weeks assignments

    20 points-  Nearpod Vocabulary and Big Ideas Practice Problems. Check out Google Classroom for Details.

    15 points - Weekly Discussion Question- Write connections to the words sum, difference, product, and quotient to help you remember what they mean. Comment on 3 classmates' responses. Be detailed in your responses and replies. Under “Classwork” -then “Week 4.” 

    15 points- Nearpod activities during the live lessons. 


    Last weeks assignments are graded in Genesis:

    20 points- 20 questions on Prodigy

    15 points - i-Ready assessment, plus a few Live lesson activities. *

    15 points- Respond to the discussion question in Week 3 under classwork in Google Classroom. Then reply to 3 classmates. Responses should be detailed and with examples. 


    *Students completed the i-Ready math and ELA assessments last week. You can ask your child to log in to i-Ready through ClassLink to view their results. There should be a report showing what grade level your child is working at. 


    What we are learning: 

    This week we will be learning about identifying keywords to determine which operation to use. We will revisit this skill many times over the year. I hope to begin teaching standard multiplication and division. We will definitely continue working on those skills into next week. Standard form is the form of multiplication and division you all learned in school. Students should be writing out their work and should not be using calculators. Students who struggle with basic multiplication may use a multiplication chart to assist with the steps. As we move through the year all 6th graders should be using standard form for multiplication and division.


    Questions to ask:

    Please ask your child what the words sum, difference, product and quotient mean in math. If you can work with them to build connections or associations with the words to help them remember. Sum means add, difference means subtraction, product means multiplication, and quotient means divide. 


    Office Hours:

    I have office hours Wednesdays from 1:30 until 2:15. However, I am available for help outside of those times if students need. They can contact me via email, text, or Google Classroom message. 


    Student portal 

    Students can sign up for access to Genesis to view their grades. They do need an email address they have access to in order to sign up. I highly recommend students sign up if they can. It helps them learn to manage their work and understand how their grades fluctuate according to performance. It also allows students to take responsibility for making up their work more independently. They can sign up here. 


    Parent Resources:

    Prodigy - all students have a prodigy account. For the past few weeks 20 questions have been assigned. If you check out the student recognition you will see some students have done far more than 20. I have a few who have not done any. As a parent you can sign up for a parent account to see their progress each week. To do so: 

    1. Go to prodigygame.com/welcome
    2. Sign up (it’s free!) and link your parent account using your child’s credentials (ask your child for their login information). If you child does not remember their log in I can help.


    Discussion Rubric you can find the rubric for how the discussion questions are graded in the post below.


    I added a student recognition page on my site to highlight student work. I plan to update it each week. Check out the link to the left. 


    Google Classroom- If you want to check something on Google Classroom, just ask your child to log in and show you. 


    Parent portal sign up form. Keep up to date with assignments and grades. 


    So far my students are doing well with adjusting to virtual learning in math class. I hope they can continue to do well and we can have a productive year learning. 

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  • Discussion Post Rubric

    Posted by Jessica Delisa on 9/25/2020

    Each week students will be assigned a discussion question that is due by the end of the week. They should expect to work on it on their own, but I will try allow class time when I can. Students should wait to respond to the question after the first class if the question is about something they have not learned yet. Students who miss class should be prepared to complete the discussion question because it is an important part of the weekly grade. They may need to review class material to do so. 

    Students will receive a grade for their performance on their discussion posts. They can earn a maximum of 15 points. They are graded on their response to the question and their replies to their classmates. I have spent the first few weeks providing students with questions to help them learn how to respond in a discussion board since this is all new. I have provided detailed feedback to every student on the last two discussion posts and spent some time in class telling students how to make changes. I repeat the instructions numerous times and the instructions are written on the question. 

    The discussion question is meant for the students to use a deeper level of thinking about a math related questions. Students should be prepared to devote a meaningful amount of time to answering. They should collect evidence, such as a math fact, a website that supports their understanding, a video, notes, something they wrote or remember about a lesson. When students engage in this way it will also reinforce their independence in finding and using resources which will be transferrable to any class and even anything they pursue in life. 

    Below you will see the criteria for grading:


    Discussion Rubric


    As we move forward with discussions that are based on math facts, students can meet the critera above by:

    • Describing why they did a problem a certain way.
    • State why they know something is wrong - (so state the math fact - Ex. According to PEMDAS we multiply before we subtract). 
    • Coach other students on corrections or math facts. They can provide connections or tricks they use to remember something.
    • Make a suggestion on how to make a corections. 
    • Share a resource that will help another student - for example link to notes, a poster, or a web link such as a video. 
    • Demonstrate how to do something correctly. 
    • Make recommendations of another sort. 
    • Provide positive feeedback that points out in detail how math facts were used correctly. 
    • State what they learned from reading a classmates post. 
    • Ask for specific assistance, state at which point they were stuck, what resources they did not understand.

    Details and examples should be used in each of those cases. I will try to be active in the posts. Students should learn to read other classmates posts  and find ones that stand out as high quality. Those posts should serve as a model for how to respond. Students are always able to make corrections according to feedback and are allowed to make up work missed. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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  • September 22 Update

    Posted by Jessica Delisa on 9/25/2020

    We made it through the first full week of virtual learning and are well into the next week. Hopefully you all have a better understanding of how the schedule works. If not please reach out to me or your child’s guidance counselor. We are here to help you understand.


    This weeks assignments September 21-25

    20 points- 20 questions on Prodigy

    15 points - Check ins during zoom and participation in the iReady assessment.

    15 points- Respond to the discussion question in Week 2 under classwork in Google Classroom. Then reply to 2 classmates. Responses should be detailed and with examples. 


    Last weeks assignments are graded in Genesis:

    20 points- 20 questions on Prodigy* 

    15 points - various in class activities during Zoom calls

    15 points- Respond to the discussion question in Week 2 under classwork in Google Classroom. Then reply to 2 classmates. Responses should be detailed and with examples.* 


    *Several students did not complete the Prodigy activity and a few did not complete the discussion. Students were given feedback on how to improve their discussion grades in Google Classroom. 


    Here are a few things I want to share with you:


    Genesis/Parent Portal

    If you have not signed up for Parent Portal you should be able to do so at this link. This Long Branch school page has a link for sign ups and to the login page. I do not know very much about the sign up process or how to reset your password. Please send those requests to the email address genesislb@longbranch.k12.nj.us.



    Last week we began the learning process. What that looks like in math is that students will listen and look at a slide while I explain and demonstrate a math skill (like in class). Students have opportunities to ask questions. On the next slides students will try the same skill (just like in class). Some students are struggling with getting right to work, completing work (not sure if they are at the computer because the camera is off and not responding in any way when I call their name), and following directions - they are stated multiple times and written on the slides. Please encourage your child to ask questions- they can private chat, to stay at their computer, and to be responsive. I know this is a learning process for all of us. I know that there are bumps in virtual learning with wifi issues. So it is important that the kids communicate when they can not hear, when they are stepping away, when they need assistance. When I can not see them and they do not respond to me it becomes hard to help your child. 



    Some students are struggling to show up on time and stay for the entire class. Please ask your child if they are having wifi issues that prevent them from staying in class. If so they may need to consider where they sit in the house. If it is a bigger issue with wifi, please reach out to the school if you need assistance with better wifi. 


    Students receive points towards their grade during class zoom calls. If they are not in the class they will not earn the points and we will have to try to find a way for them to make them up. In addition they will miss out on valuable learning. Please remind your child that if there is a wifi issue to please message me on Google classroom. 


    Troubleshooting - Fixing issues with Zoom

    If Zoom kicks someone out they should try to re-enter class. One tip that seems to work is to close zoom in the browser and from the tray below. That typically allows students to re-enter if there is an issue with zoom. If that does not fix it, they should try to restart their device and try again. 


    A few students are reporting that Zoom is saying they are waiting for the teacher. If you are waiting more than 1 to 2 minutes, restart Zoom. I do not keep kids in waiting rooms. When parents have texted that screen, I do not see their child in the waiting room. It is a glitch. Just close the program or restart and try again. 



    Students should try to use a chromebook for class. If they do not have one, please ask the school for assistance. 



    Several students have not completed assignments that they need to complete outside of the class time. Please make sure that your child checks their math Google Classroom Stream and/or Classwork section for the week we are in. I sent two post reminders about completing the discussion question and 20 questions in Prodigy. Some students did not complete those assignments and their grade dropped to a C or lower.


    I apologize for the long email. I want to share as much information as possible so that we can work together to help your child succeed. The emails should be getting shorter as we go on. Let me know if you have any questions. 


    Miss DeLisa

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  • Week 1 Done

    Posted by Jessica Delisa on 9/13/2020

    Dear Parents and guardians, 


    Welcome to the new school year. Although there were a few hiccups last week we made it through the first week. * Avísame si necesitas español. * Avise-me se precisar de português.*


    I am writing to share some important information about how to help your child be successful in math class. It is important that they know that they need to show up to all classes and participate in all activities. I have broken down class information by category. 


    Grading - Students will be graded on 3 categories for a total of 50 points each week:

    • 15 points - Activities in Nearpod on Zoom calls.
    • 15 points - Discussion question and 3 replies to classmates. 
    • 20 points - Classwork assignments. (May be 2 assignments)

    I will update the parent portal (Genesis) with grades and notes each week. I already posted the grades for the 1st week. Students received full credit because of all of the bumps, but I plan to grade according to work this week. Students should contact me immediately if they have internet issues or miss a class. All assignments can be made up. 


    Materials - Students should have a notebook to take notes. They need to have paper and a pencil for each class to write out their work. The school can help with providing supplies if needed. Contact the main office. In addition, the school can help with wifi, computers, and cameras. Students may need cameras to show their math work by taking a photo and uploading it. Students should not be using calculators until we get to Chapter 3. 


    Google Classroom. 

    • All of the class video calls will be posted on Google Classroom the day of class. 
    • All of the classwork/homework will be posted for each week. Next weeks is already posted in the Classwork section under week 2.  
    • Each week there is a discussion question in the classwork section for each week - graded. 
    • There are resources posted for the class - meeting times, website links, video help and more. 
    • I will post material for the students who missed a session. They need to make up the work for credit and to learn.


    Contact information -  it is more important than ever for students to keep in contact with me. I have students on video calls who are not responding when I say their name. I do not know if there are internet issues or if the student is doing something else on the computer and not paying attention. Please have students communicate any internet issues during class by sending a message in the chat or texting me. Otherwise if a student misses an activity and does not respond they will not get credit for the activity. Students are welcome to text my Google Voice number with any class related concerns, help logging in to class, or for help with classwork/homework. Please also contact me with any questions or concerns you have.  

    Email -  jdelisa@longbranch.k12.nj.us

    Text/call - 732-703-7665 


    Camera use - Several students attend class with their camera off. I respect this decision to keep the camera off. However, when the camera is off, it does become more difficult to assess how well a student is paying attention in class and if they are at their computer. Please ask your child daily how class went, what activities they completed, and what they did/learned. In addition, you can check Parent Portal for notes on participation in class activities. Grades will reflect completion of work. 


    Stay in the Loop - As the year goes on I will be updating my teacher page each week. You can find it through the Middle School website or save this link. Click on the updates on the right to learn what we are doing in class. 


    Class Programs - 

    • Nearpod - we will use Nearpod daily to present new material and participate in activities to check for understanding. Students can respond immediately and I can see their work in real time. Most Zoom points will come from these activities. 
    • Big Ideas - This is our math book. Students can review pages for help. Classwork will be assigned through Big Ideas in the assignment section. 
    • Google Classroom - Students can view all class information and resources. Use the buttons at the top. 
    • Prodigy - Students will be assigned math practice on Prodigy - it is a math game. 
    • Edulastic - we will sometimes use edulastic for assignments. It will be linked in Google Classroom. 
    • Classlink - allows students to store their passwords and usernames. 


    Weekly help is available. As mentioned I am available to help students with questions and classwork. I have classes daily from 8-12, so if they need help during that time ask them to be patient. I can schedule meetings after 12 p.m. and 1- on -1 with students if they need math help. I will also be scheduling meetings with small groups of students to work on skills. Please encourage your child to attend these sessions when asked. 


    I will do everything I can to help your child succeed. Please reach out out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

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  • Welcome Back to a New School Year

    Posted by Jessica Delisa on 9/8/2020


    Welcome, welcome, welcome to a new school year. I am excited to be your child’s math teacher. While I wish we were meeting in person, I promise I will do my best to make this year fun and full of learning. 

    Bitmoji Classroom

    Below please find some helpful information about our class. I am available to help you navigate this new school experience. You can email me at jdelisa@longbranch.k12.nj.us or call or text at 732-703-7665. 


    Supplies Needed:

    • Notebook and pencils.
    • And Anything to write with - Pencil (recommended), pen, marker, chalk and Anything to write on - Paper, notebook pages, dry erase board for completing practice problems.. 


    The assignments will be online, however, math work should be written down. In some cases they may find it easier to hand write answers and take a photo to submit. 


    The programs we will be using in Math class:

    • ClassLink - This website will connect students to all of the website we use and can store all of their login information. 
    • Big Ideas Math - This is our math textbook. I will assign assignments here. Students can use the book as a reference on how to do the math skills. 
    • Nearpod -  I will use this tool during most of the live classes to teach your child how to do new math skills. They will also practice with me on Nearpod. I will provide a student-paced lesson for students to review again if needed or to review if they miss a class. 
    • Google Classroom - Google Classroom is an important tool for communicating with students. It is also where assignments will be posted, where discussion board posts will be each week, and where students can find helpful resources such as notes and posters. 
    • Prodigy - Students will be assigned Prodigy as math practice. Completion of the assignment will count towards their grade. 
    • Edulastic - is a website where students will complete some math assignments.
    • Bitmoji Classroom - The Bitmoji classroom is an optional way for kids to access some of the resources found in Google Classroom. It’s not currently updated with all of the classroom resources. 


    Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions. 

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  • Week of April 6

    Posted by Jessica Delisa on 4/6/2020

    Hi everyone, 

     We are in week 3 of social distancing and school from home. All classes are working on the same assignments. All students have required (review) assignments and 3 optional (new material) assignments. If students have the time, resources and ability they should try the new material. This material is a continuation of the 6th grade curriculum. I am available daily at 2 p.m. for a video conference. In addition, I can be reached on Google Classroom, by email and via phone (text/call). If any student needs help with math, I am here to help. Please let me know. 

    Below is a list of required work. All students can aceess the links on Google Classroom. You can access the links with this file. The picture below is for a quick reference. 

    Week of April 6


    All assignments for all grades and subjects can be found here. You can reach me at jdelisa@longbranch.k12.nj.us or 732-703-7665. 

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  • Week of March 30

    Posted by Jessica Delisa on 3/31/2020

    Hi Parents, 

    This week we change things up a bit. Students have 3 required assignments (review work) and 3 optional ones (new material). The optional material is to continue the students education. We understand each family is experiencing this new normal in a different way. Please encourage your child to do the work if they have the time and resources. I am available daily through video chats and Google Classroom to help all students. If your family is experiencing heightened stress or hardship during this time we do not want to add to it, so please do not let these optional assignments add to the burden. 


    The optional assignments all have a video link to a lesson they should watch prior to attempting the listed assignment. All students can access the document below on their Google Classroom. All links should work on the hyperlinked text in the previous sentence. Please reach out to me if you need anything jdelisa@longbranch.k12.nj.us or text or call at 732.703-7765. Take care.

    Week of March 30





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  • At Home Study Plan

    Posted by Jessica Delisa on 3/16/2020

    Please use the list below for the first ten days we are out of school. Students are also enocurage to spend time on Prodigy everyday, around 10 to 20 questions. 

     At-Home Study Plan

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  • Week of March 9

    Posted by Jessica Delisa on 3/8/2020

    Welcome to the second week of March, 

    Hopefully everyone adjust to day-light savings quickly. 

    Here are some upcoming dates for all of the classes. 

    March 10, 11, 12 - Parent Conferences - Schedule through Parent Portal or call the front office to schedule 

    April 6th and 7th - Final Benchmark for math. Students should be well rested and prepared to show what they have learned throughout the year. 

    May 4 - 8 - NJSLA testing (formally PARCC) Students should be well rested and prepared to show what they have learned throughout the year. 


    Please encourage your child to take all testing seriously. They have learned a lot over the course of the year and should be confident to display all they know. 


    Block 2/3 and 7/8 

    We are wrapping up ratios on Monday and will take the 1st chapter 5 quiz on Tuesday and Wednesdy. This may be extended since we will have half days on Tuesday and Wednesday. Prior to the quiz you can ask "what is a unit rate?" Students should know that it when they compare a quantity of 1 to another. We use unit rates to find out how much things cost per pound (meat) or per roll (per paper towel). 

    As soon as the quiz is complete we will be working on percents. One thing you can ask your child at home is "what does percent mean?" and "how do you find a percent as a fraction?" Students should be able to respond that percent means per 100. They can make a fraction a percent by multiplying to get the denominator (bottom number) to 100. They will likely explain they need to multiply the numerator (top) number by the same number. The percent is the top number. 

    This week's Homework:
    Monday p. 214-215 #s 3, 4, 14, 15
    Tuesday - p. 217 #s 1-11 odd
    Wednesday - Prodigy 20 questions
    Thursday - HW txbk p 222 #s 8-10 and 21-13


    Block 5/6 

    We are concluding chapter 4. Students should be preparing this week to take a partner quiz. We will then prepare for thechapter 4 test early the following week. It is essential that everyone do the homework and get extra help if they need it. One thing you can ask your child is: "what is the difference between solving the area in a cut-out problem and solving for area in a composite figure?" Students should know that in each they find 2 areas. In a cut out they subtract the two (big minus little) in a composite figure they make two shapes, find the area of both and add the areas for the total area. 


    Homework this week:
    Monday - Worksheet - attached below. If you did not grab it you can do it on another paper.
    Tuesday -Textbook p 180 #s 2-6
    Wednesday - Practice test worksheet #s 1-10 - it's the big ideas practice test if you do not have the paper.
    Thursday - Coordinate plane worksheet.

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