• Week of April 6

    Posted by Jessica Delisa on 4/6/2020

    Hi everyone, 

     We are in week 3 of social distancing and school from home. All classes are working on the same assignments. All students have required (review) assignments and 3 optional (new material) assignments. If students have the time, resources and ability they should try the new material. This material is a continuation of the 6th grade curriculum. I am available daily at 2 p.m. for a video conference. In addition, I can be reached on Google Classroom, by email and via phone (text/call). If any student needs help with math, I am here to help. Please let me know. 

    Below is a list of required work. All students can aceess the links on Google Classroom. You can access the links with this file. The picture below is for a quick reference. 

    Week of April 6


    All assignments for all grades and subjects can be found here. You can reach me at jdelisa@longbranch.k12.nj.us or 732-703-7665. 

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  • Week of March 30

    Posted by Jessica Delisa on 3/31/2020

    Hi Parents, 

    This week we change things up a bit. Students have 3 required assignments (review work) and 3 optional ones (new material). The optional material is to continue the students education. We understand each family is experiencing this new normal in a different way. Please encourage your child to do the work if they have the time and resources. I am available daily through video chats and Google Classroom to help all students. If your family is experiencing heightened stress or hardship during this time we do not want to add to it, so please do not let these optional assignments add to the burden. 


    The optional assignments all have a video link to a lesson they should watch prior to attempting the listed assignment. All students can access the document below on their Google Classroom. All links should work on the hyperlinked text in the previous sentence. Please reach out to me if you need anything jdelisa@longbranch.k12.nj.us or text or call at 732.703-7765. Take care.

    Week of March 30





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  • At Home Study Plan

    Posted by Jessica Delisa on 3/16/2020

    Please use the list below for the first ten days we are out of school. Students are also enocurage to spend time on Prodigy everyday, around 10 to 20 questions. 

     At-Home Study Plan

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  • Week of March 9

    Posted by Jessica Delisa on 3/8/2020

    Welcome to the second week of March, 

    Hopefully everyone adjust to day-light savings quickly. 

    Here are some upcoming dates for all of the classes. 

    March 10, 11, 12 - Parent Conferences - Schedule through Parent Portal or call the front office to schedule 

    April 6th and 7th - Final Benchmark for math. Students should be well rested and prepared to show what they have learned throughout the year. 

    May 4 - 8 - NJSLA testing (formally PARCC) Students should be well rested and prepared to show what they have learned throughout the year. 


    Please encourage your child to take all testing seriously. They have learned a lot over the course of the year and should be confident to display all they know. 


    Block 2/3 and 7/8 

    We are wrapping up ratios on Monday and will take the 1st chapter 5 quiz on Tuesday and Wednesdy. This may be extended since we will have half days on Tuesday and Wednesday. Prior to the quiz you can ask "what is a unit rate?" Students should know that it when they compare a quantity of 1 to another. We use unit rates to find out how much things cost per pound (meat) or per roll (per paper towel). 

    As soon as the quiz is complete we will be working on percents. One thing you can ask your child at home is "what does percent mean?" and "how do you find a percent as a fraction?" Students should be able to respond that percent means per 100. They can make a fraction a percent by multiplying to get the denominator (bottom number) to 100. They will likely explain they need to multiply the numerator (top) number by the same number. The percent is the top number. 

    This week's Homework:
    Monday p. 214-215 #s 3, 4, 14, 15
    Tuesday - p. 217 #s 1-11 odd
    Wednesday - Prodigy 20 questions
    Thursday - HW txbk p 222 #s 8-10 and 21-13


    Block 5/6 

    We are concluding chapter 4. Students should be preparing this week to take a partner quiz. We will then prepare for thechapter 4 test early the following week. It is essential that everyone do the homework and get extra help if they need it. One thing you can ask your child is: "what is the difference between solving the area in a cut-out problem and solving for area in a composite figure?" Students should know that in each they find 2 areas. In a cut out they subtract the two (big minus little) in a composite figure they make two shapes, find the area of both and add the areas for the total area. 


    Homework this week:
    Monday - Worksheet - attached below. If you did not grab it you can do it on another paper.
    Tuesday -Textbook p 180 #s 2-6
    Wednesday - Practice test worksheet #s 1-10 - it's the big ideas practice test if you do not have the paper.
    Thursday - Coordinate plane worksheet.

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  • Week of 2/24

    Posted by Jessica Delisa on 2/24/2020


    Welcome to the last week of February. Can you believe it. Check below to see what we are studying. 


    Block 2/3 and 7/8

    On Monday students will have a chance to complete their chapter 4 test. Tuesday we will begin chapter 5 which is on ratios. We will be introducing ratios and learning about the different methods to find equivalent ratios. 


    Homework this week:

    • Monday - Prodigy
    • Tuesday - Prodigy
    • Wednesday -textbook p 194-195 #s 4-7
    • Thursday - textbook p. p. 201 & 203 #s 6-8


    Block 5/6

    On Monday students will begin the Big Ideas Benchmark assessment. This assessment will test the skills we have learned over the school year. Tuesday we will pick back up with Chpater 4, finding the area of triangles. The quiz will follow shortly after on Thursday or Friday. 

    Homework this week:

    • Monday - Prodigy
    • Tuesday -Textbook p. textbook p. 162-163  #s 3-5 
    • Wednesday - textbook p. 165 #s 1-7 odd
    • Thursday - TBD


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  • Week of February 18

    Posted by Jessica Delisa on 2/17/2020


    Welcome to another week. Hopefully everyone is well rested after a nice four day break. Take a look at what we will be working on this week:


    Block 2/3 and 7/8 

    Students will start the second quiz of chapter 4 on Monday. It will be a partner quiz, where the kids will work together to help each other use the correct formulas to solve the problems. We will use Tuesday to complete the practice test and prepare for the chapter test on Thursday and Friday. It is important that all of the students complete the practice test at home on Tuesday night. They will have a worksheet to use with their Big Ideas log in or they can write their work on any piece of paper. 

    Ways to stay involved: You can ask you child to explain what a math formula is. Ask how do you find the area of a composite shape. Composite shapes are made up of more than one shape. Students must identify the shapes they can see in the composite one and then find the area of each shape. Finally, they should add the two areas together. Ask how do you solve a cut out problems in chapter 4? They should be able to explain you must subtract the area of the little shape from the area of the big shape. They should know there are two area formulas in a cut out problem. One for each shape. 


    • Tuesday - The chapter 4 Practice test on Big Ideas
    • Wednesday- txtbk p. 184 #s 2, 4, 6, 11, 12 and study. 
    • Thursday - Prodigy 20/20 and study to complete the test. 


    Block 5/6

    In this block, we just completed the chapter 3 test. On Monday we will begin chapter 4. Chapter 4 is our geometry section. The focus will be on finding areas. We will begin with finding areas of Parallelograms and Triangles. There are only 2 sections before we take a quiz. It should move pretty quickly ans students should be prepared to take the quiz early next week.  

    Tentatively the homework this week:

    Tuesday - Prodigy 20 questions. 
    Wednesday - Textbook p. 156 - 157 #s 3, 4, 11, 12
    Thursday - textbook p. 156-157 #s 5, 14, 15

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  • Week of February 10

    Posted by Jessica Delisa on 2/9/2020

    Hello again, 


    We have a quick four day week, but an important week. Please see below for what is happening in your child's class.


    Block 2/3 and 7/8 

    In these two classes we will be finishing up chapter 4. We will learn about the area of trapezoids and composite shapes, then move on to finding area on a coordinate plane. If you are looking for ways to stay involved in your child's learning ask him/her what a math formula is and how they use it to find area. The should be able to explain in some form that it is a math sentence that tells you how to solve for something. Formulas typicaly have variables and sometimes a number like 1/2 and are used to find area. They should be able to tell you they substitute letters for numbers to solve for area. The numbers come from the lengths of the parts of the shape. If they can describe this process, they should be able to solve any area formula we do in class, as long as they can identify the shape. I have a poster of shapes with the names and formula's, so they do not need to memorize those. 

    Homework is tentatively:

    • Monday - textbook p. 170 #s 6, 7, 11
    • Tuesday - Textbook p. 171 #s 17-19
    • Wednesday- Textbook p. 182 #s 8-10
    • Thursday - Worksheet 


    Block 5/6

    This week we are finishing chapter 3. This has been a challenging chapter for some of the students because they have to apply new rules. Students have learned distributive property and factoring. While they can do those skills well when they are isolated on a worksheet, they mix up the rules of adding and subtracting with variables with the rules for distributive property (multiplying and rewrting) when they appear together on a worksheet. We will be taking the chapter 3 test by Tuesday or Wednesday. All students should be studying the practice test which has the same set of problems they will see on the test (not the same exact numbers). I will post a completed copy with the worked out solutions on Google Classroom.


    This class continues to struggle with turning in homework. Students should go to homework club for help, come see me during homeroom or lunch, watch videos at home, check the notes on Google Classroom, or check back a page or two in the book if they need help. Please make sure your child is doing the homework. Independent practice helps prepare them for testing. 


    Homework is tentatively:

    • Study eveyday - This video can help students with distributive property and factoring(9 minute mark).
    • Monday - Complete 1-10 on the practice test
    • Tuesday - Textbook p. 144 - 145 #s 10, 17, 20, 27, 30
    • Wednesday- p. 146 8-18 even only

    As only please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. 




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  • Week of January 26

    Posted by Jessica Delisa on 1/26/2020

    Hello again, 


    We are working our way through Chapter 3 still. Most of the students have learned brand new concepts in algebra, but they are doing great. 


    Block 2/3 and 7/8 

    Students will beging the chapter 3 test on Monday. Depending on the overall group pace, they may have some time on Tuesday to complete the test. Although the test appears on the Genesis, it is likely to count towards the Marking period 3, so that any student that needs to make up or retake the test has time to. The homework schedule has had to be modified for the last few weeks as we needed additional practice on certain skills. I am hesitant to post homework. Please encourage your child to check the board daily and Google Classroom for updates. 


    We will begin chapter 4 this week. Chapter 4 is our geometry section. The focus will be on finding areas. 


    Tentatively the homework this week:

    • Monday Prodigy 20 questions (many students are skipping Prodigy assignments). Study if there is more time allowed for the test. 
    • Tuesday - Prodigy 20 questions. 
    • Wednesday - Likely Prodigy 
    • Thursday - Textbook p. 156 - 157 #s 3, 4, 11, 14


    Block 5/6

    We will continue in chapter 3 learning about properties and mental math with factoring (also known as distributive property). In addition the students will learn to factor expressions. They are learning rules. All of the students have the skills to complete these two new concepts, however, many students have difficult time following rules and directions, sometimes due to attention or lack of practice. Please make sure your child is completing the homework. The book has examples and directions in the pages before the homework assignment. In additional all notes are posted on Google Classroom under the Classwork sections. Students can also google 6th grade distributive property for assistance. 


    Homework is tentative based on what we get through in class. Please encourage your child to check the board in class or Google Classroom for the latest updates. 

    Homework this week. 

    • Monday- Prodigy 20/20 
    • Tuesday- Textbook page 137 #s  5-8
    • Wednesday - textbook page 137 #s  13-15
    • Thursday- Textbook page 137 #s  29-31 and 39-40
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  • Week of January 20

    Posted by Jessica Delisa on 1/20/2020

    Hello again, 


    We are keeping busy. Things did not go as planned and we had to move our test and quiz back just a bit. Check out the class schedule for your child down below. 


    Blocks 2/3 and 7/8

    We are finishing up some practice problems in section 3 and 4 and plan to start the partner quiz on Monday. Students should really be gearing up to take the test by Friday. We will complete a practice test in class and students should be completing a portion of it at home and study the skills before the test. If any students need extra help I am always available during lunch (with the exceptions of Thursdays). 

    Homework this week: (will post soon - dailly updates can always be found on Google Classroom).

    • Monday textbook 
    • Tuesday - textbook 
    • Wednesday  - textbook 
    • Thursday- 


    Blocks 5/6

    We finished the mid chapter test on Friday. Anyone who needs to take a retake should plan to take it this week, Tuesday and Wednesday during lunch or after school. We will continue with the sections 3 and 4 this week. They took a little longer than planned with the other classes so I am likely to assign homework each day according to how far we get in the sections. All students should check the board in class or Google classroom if they have internet at home.

    Homework this week:

    • Monday Prodigy 
    • Tuesday - textbook -
    • Wednesday  - textbook -
    • Thursday- Textbooks
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  • Week of January 13

    Posted by Jessica Delisa on 1/12/2020



    This past week we did not accomplish all that we set out to. The students worked well and we were thorough, but not quick. So this week we will continue with last weeks lessons. You can see the schedule below. Remember to find our which block your child is in and check the correct schedule. 

    *** The second marking period is over on January 30th. If your child has any outstanding work he/she needs to complete it by that date. You can find check your child's gradebook through the parent portal.****


    Blocks 2/3 and 7/8


    We will finish up chapter 3.4 (distributive property) on Monday. There is an extension lesson that follows. Students should plan to take the partner quiz on Wednesday or Thursday depending on the pace of the extension and review. We will then begin to review for the test. We will complete a practice test with a take home study guide. They should expect to complete the chapter 3 test the follow Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. It is flexible and based on the needs of the students.

    Homework this week:

    • Monday textbook page 137-138 #s  12-14, 17, 39, 40
    • Tuesday - textbook p. 141 # 1-4
    • Wednesday  - textbook p. 143 #s 8-15
    • Thursday- TBD


    Blocks 5/6

    We will finish up chapter 3.2 on Monday. There is an extension lesson that follows. Students should plan to take the mid chapter quiz on Wednesday or Thursday depending on the pace of the extension and review. We will continue with Chapter 3 after the quiz.

    Homework this week:

    • Monday - Textbook page 122-123 #s 17, 18, 27-29
    • Tuesday - textbook page 125 #s 1-15 odd
    • Wednesday  - Prodigy 20/20 
    • Thursday- TBD

    Students should check Google Classroom for the most up to date information.

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