• Instructor:  Mrs. Allyssa Lompado                                
    Contact: alompado@longbranch.k12.nj.us
    Course:  Geometry Honors                        
    SAP: Monday & Thursday
    Extra-Help: Before & After School, Lunch, Prep… Anytime, just ask!! 


    How to Pass Geometry Honors:

    • Put in the effort.
    • Come to me for extra help.
    • Clue me in!! I’m not a mind-reader!! Let me know what’s going on…
    • Pay attention & participate during class.
    • Try your best!!


    Course Requirements:

    • A 3-ring binder!! Class notes & activities are provided via a worksheet packet
    • You will be assigned a calculator, a Chrome-book, and a textbook. USE ONLY YOURS!!


    LBHS Universal Grading Policy:



    Percentage of Grade

    Summative Assessments


    Unit Exams, Quizzes, Performance Assessment Tasks (PATs) & Projects


    Formative Assessments

    Do Now, Exit Ticket, Homework, Classwork, & Participation



    Standards and Expectations:

    1. Yourself, Me, Others, LBHS & This Classroom. End of Story.
    2. Zero tolerance for bullying.
    3. Come to class on time, prepared, & in your uniform, with a positive attitude.
    • Leave whatever-else is going on at the door.
    • Clue me in... Let me know if you’re upset, don’t feel well, etc.


    *Group & Partner Work is conducted on a REGULAR basis. Students are expected to participate and communicate collaboratively within their groups. Your participation is essential and non-negotiable.**


    Classroom Procedures:

    1. Homework
    • 25 points – 15 points for completing it, 10 points of accuracy checks.
    • Homework WILL be accepted late…
      • You may complete homework late for ½ credit. However, it must be turned in BEFORE the end of that chapter.
    1. Quizzes
    • Approximately 2 per Unit. Graded out of 50 points.
    1. Unit Exams
    • 1 per unit; cumulative of that unit’s topics; 100 points. There are no “2nd attempts”.
    1. Performance Assessment Tasks
      • Mini-Summative Assessment - Graded on a 3-point scale; 10 points.
    2. Do Now & Exit Ticket
    • Do Now: Introduction to new concept and/or review of an old concept; get your mind thinking and focused for class.
    • Exit Ticket: Summarizing the day’s concept and skills; check for your understanding.
    1. Extra-Credit
      • You will receive ONE “Freebie Pass” per every 5 SAPs attended.
      • This can be used as (1) 5 extra points on ANY summative assessment (except PATs) or (2) a “Delayed” Homework pass, meaning you will receive FULL credit for completing an assignment late



    1. Food/Drink
    • As long as you abide by the LBHS Rules & it is not a distraction to others, I am OK with it!
    1. Head Phones & Music
    • Allowed during independent practice/starting HWMK My. Discretion.!!!!
    • Must be at a REASONABLE volume… I should NOT be able to sing along to your song.
    1. Phone – Texting, Talking, Snapchatting, Instagraming, Tweeting……………..
    • Should be kept away until class (including that night’s homework) is completed.
      • CONSEQUENCES: If you use it, I will simply ask you to put it away. If you use it again, I will take it and put it on my desk until class is over.
    1. Remind 101 – MANDATORY!
    • Inform you of upcoming important events
    • Remind you to complete homework assignments & projects that are due
    • Encourage you to study & prepare for quizzes & exams


    Mrs. Lompado’s Pet-Peeves:

    1. A Messy Classroom.
    • Put calculators/Chrome-books away; Push your chairs in; Throw away your Dunkin Donuts!
    1. Put your calculator & Chrome-book back in the correct spot!!!
    • The calculator bin and Chrome-book cart is LABELED for a reason!!!!
    1. Cutting class.
      • You will be written-up every.single.time.
    2. Lining-Up at the door.
      • Don’t do it.
    3. Repeating myself.
      • Listen when I’m making an announcement/talking! Use the restroom AFTER instruction.