• Course Description 

    7th Grade World History explores the time periods from 500 BCE to 1800 CE.  During each unit students will explore historical empires, events, and people that have had an enduring legacy that has shaped our world today.  Students will build on skills in geography and citizenship. Our focus will be to build on reading, writing, research, and critical thinking skills.  

    Every unit of study includes writing assignments, tests, analyzation of primary documents, image analysis, and assessments.  Students are encouraged to think critically and develop questions that they have about various topics and research their questions.  Our students will be prepared to be engaged citizens of the world and their local communities with the skills and connections made in each unit.
    Empires of Asia
    Islamic World
    Early African Civilizations
    Early Middle Ages
    Later Middle Ages
    The Renaissance & Reformation
    Science & Exploration
    Enlightenment & Revolution
    The Early Americas


    Course Goals

    Our Humanities Department Goal is to help students understand perspective, empathy, and accountability.  In order for us to be empathetic of our peers we need to understand how our perception based on our life experiences can be helpful and harmful unless we seek out other perspectives.  With the ability to view other perspectives and be empathetic students will transform their intellectual, social, and emotional skills necessary to be responsible citizens in the 21st century.  As responsible citizens, students will be able to track their own growth and take responsibility for their success.