Valor Award (Gold) (All Cadets) Voluntary act of bravery and self-sacrifice involving conspicuous risk of life beyond call of duty.
    Valor Award (Silver) (All Cadets) Voluntary act of heroism that does not involve risk of life.
    Cadet Humanitarian Award (All Cadets) Humanitarian act above and beyond the call of duty.  Not to be used to recognize community service. 
    Air Force Association Award (AS-III) Excel in position of responsibility. Exhibit positive attitude; exemplary personal appearance, personal attributes, and courtesy; and show growth potential. Be an outstanding cadet and in upper 5% of AS-III. Be in upper 10% of high school class. Be recommended by the SASI for the Outstanding Cadet Ribbon.
    Daedalian Award (All Cadets) Be patriotic and want to serve our country. Show leadership potential and a desire to serve in the military. Be in the upper 10% of AS-III. Be in upper 20% of high school class.
    American Legion Scholastic Award (AS-III or IV) Be in upper 10% of high school class. Be in upper 25% of AS-III or IV. Demonstrate leadership qualities and participate in student activities.
    American Legion General Military Excellence Award (AS-III or IV) Be in the Upper 25% AS-III or IV. Demonstrate outstanding leadership, discipline, character, and citizenship.
    Daughters of the American Revolution Award (AS-IV) Be in the upper 25% AS-IV and high school class. Be dependable with good character, disciplined, a strong leader, and committed to the patriotic understanding of the importance of AFJROTC training.
    American Veterans Award (AS-I, II, III, or IV) Possess positive attitude, outstanding personal appearance and personal character, and officer potential. Grade of "A" in AFJROTC and academics in good standing in all classes at time of selection and presentation.
    Reserve Officers Association Award (ROA) (AS-IV) Have a positive attitude, outstanding personal appearance, character, courtesy, growth potential, and strong ethics. Upper 10% of AS-IV.
    Military Order of Word Wars Award (AS-I, II, III) Excel in all academics and military training. Actively Participate in AFJROTC extracurricular activities. Want to continue in AFJROTC.
    Retired Officers Association Award (AS-III) Be a Junior academically in good standing. Exhibit high morals and loyalty to the unit, school and country. Demonstrate exceptional military leadership potential.

    The Retired Enlisted Association Award: Awarded annually, at the SASI’s discretion, for exceptional leadership to the most outstanding AFJROTC cadet while serving in an Enlisted Rank. The selected enlisted cadet must have shown outstanding leadership throughout the course of the school year.

    Veterans of Foreign Wars Award (AS-III or IV) Show positive attitude towards AFJROTC. Have out-standing military bearing and conduct. Have strong positive character. Be patriotic with leadership potential. Have "B" in AFJROTC and "C" in all other classes. Be active in student activities. Not have previously received this award.
    National Sojourners Award (AS-II or III) Be in upper 25% of high school class. Encourage and demonstrate ideals of Americanism. Demonstrate potential for outstanding leadership. Not received previously.
    Sons of the American Revolution Award (AS-III) Show high degree of leadership potential, military bearing and excellence in AFJROTC. Top 10% of AS-III. Top 25% of high school class. Not previously received.
    Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction (AS-III) High degree of leadership, military bearing, self-discipline, good character and all around excellence. Top 25% of high school class. Not previously received.
    Military Order of the Purple Heart Award (AS-III or IV) Show positive attitude towards country and AFJROTC. Outstanding performer in corps leadership position. Be active in the school and community affairs. Have at least a "B" average in all subjects. Not previously received.
    Air Force Sergeants Association (AS-III or IV) Be in Top 25% of AS-III or IV. Show outstanding military leadership, discipline, character, and citizenship. Not previously received.
    Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Award (AS I, I, II, or IV) This award recognizes one deserving cadet annually (may be first, second, third, or fourth year cadet). The recipient must display a high degree of patriotism and have demonstrated a high degree of academic excellence and leadership ability.
    Tuskegee Airmen Incorporated Award (AS-I, II, III) 2 cadets Attain a grade of "B" or better in AFJROTC. Be in academic good standing. Actively participate in cadet corps activities. Participate in at least 50% of all unite service projects.
    Outstanding Cadet Award (One Cadet each AS-I, II, III, IV) Show high morals and outstanding military potential. Demonstrate positive personal character. Attain academic and military excellence. Awarded once per school year.
    Leadership Award (5% of Cadets) Assigned to and excel in a leadership position. Exhibit outstanding performance. Awarded once per school year and to COLS Cadre.
    Achievement Award (5% of Cadets) Accomplish significant documented achievement (community/school service, ROTC scholarship, Academy appointment, contest winner, athletic achievement, Valedictorian/Salutatorian, etc.), first place in AFJROTC fundraising. Awarded once per school year.
    Superior Performance Award (10% of Cadets) Awarded for having a minimum of 20 Merits at the end of each Semester.
    Distinguished Unit Award  (Unit) The Distinguished Unit Award indicates unit ranked in the top 20% of the AFJROTC units worldwide.
    Aerospace & Technology Honors Camp Ribbon (All Cadets) Successful attendance of Aerospace & Technology Honors Camp.
    Top Performer Award (2% of Cadets) SASI nominates to Area Administrator prior to Staff Assistance Visit (SAV). Leadership and job performance in primary duty and specifically in preparation for the SAV. Leadership qualities: involvement and positions held in extracurricular activities. Academic performance: nominee must be in good academic standing in all high school course work. Significant self-improvement. Community involvement. Other accomplishments.
    Academic Award (All Cadets) Achieve overall "B" grade point average with "A" in AFJROTC for the quarter enrolled. May be earned each quarter by active cadets.
    Outstanding Flight Award (All Cadets) Member in good standing of the outstanding flight during the semester and a grade of "C" (77%) or above.
    Leadership School Award (All Cadets) Leadership Schools (COLS) graduate. Awarded only once. Add "H" device for completion of Air Force Honors Camp. Add Silver Star for outstanding performance at COLS, limited to 10% of COLS class.
    Drill Competition Award (All Cadets) Place in Air Force or Joint drill meet.
    Orienteering Competition Ribbon (all cadets) Awarded to team members for "placing" in an orienteering meet.
    Cocurricular Activities Leadership Award (All Cadets) Demonstrate exceptional leadership as COLS cadre or project officer for AFJROTC curricular activity (cadet ball, newspaper editor, drill team commander, color guard team, orientation program coordinator, etc.). Awarded once per school year.
    Drill Team Ribbon (All Cadets) Participate in at least 75% of all scheduled drill team practices and events. Must be recommended by DT/CC.
    Color Guard Ribbon (All Cadets) Participate in at least five scheduled color guard events. Must be recommended by CG/CC.
    Sabre Team Ribbon (MHS does not have a saber team) Awarded for distinguished participation in at least 75% of all scheduled sabre team events
    Community Service (All Cadets) Distinctive performance in a minimum of Two community, or AFJROTC service projects each school year. Includes AFJROTC fund raising and parades. Awarded once per school year.
    Physical Fitness Ribbon (All Cadets) Successfully pass the physical fitness test. Awarded once per school year and for Leadership School.
    Recruiting Ribbon (All Cadets) Enroll at least two quality cadets or serve as member of a Cadet Recruiting team at middle school, high school, or other forum. Recruit an additional cadet to earn a cluster. Awarded once per school year.
    Activities Ribbon (All Cadets) For putting the flags up or down for a total of 5 times, or participation in Freshman Camp (as an AS-1).
    Attendance Ribbon (All Cadets) No more than four absences in a semester while actively enrolled in AFJROTC.
    Good Conduct Ribbon (All Cadets) No adverse discipline reports or suspensions.
    Dress and Appearance Ribbon (All Cadets) Wear uniform on all designated uniform days, conform with all AFJROTC dress and appearance standards, and 90% uniform grade average for the semester.
    Longevity Ribbon (All Cadets) Successfully complete AFJROTC course requirements.
    NOTE: Only five CAP ribbons (General Carl Spaatz Award, Amelia Earhart Award, General Billy Mitchell Award, General J. F. Curry Achievement Award, and General Ira C. Eaker Award) may be worn on the AFJROTC uniform.
    1. General Carl Spaatz Award  (CAP Cadets) May be awarded to cadets who "successfully complete all phases of the CAP cadet program and the General Carl A. Spaatz Award examination."
    2. General Ira C. Eaker Award  (CAP Cadets) Denotes successful completion of all sixteen achievements and four phases of the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program. CAP's newest award recognizes cadet completion of the academic, leadership, moral leadership and physical fitness curriculum in existence since 1964.
    3. Amelia Earhart Award  (CAP Cadets) Earned after completing the first eleven achievements of the cadet program and receipt of the General Billy Mitchell Award. In addition, the cadet must pass an arduous 100 question examination testing aerospace topics, leadership theory and staff topics.
    4. General Billy Mitchell Award  (CAP Cadets) Cadets must pass a series of leadership, aerospace and physical fitness tests and attend moral leadership training for each achievement from Cadet Airman Basic through Cadet Chief Master Sergeant. In addition, cadets must attend a military-style encampment before this award is made. 15% of Civil Air Patrol cadets achieve the Mitchell Award.
    5. General J. F. Furry Achievement Award (CAP Cadets) Successful completion of Achievement 1 of CAP cadet program.