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My name is Brian G. Roberts, and I am 34 years old. I currently live in the River Plaza section of Middletown, New Jersey with my wife and two rambunctious children; Noah, ten and Eden, seven; two highly-energetic Australian Cattle Dogs named Arla, and Shadow; one dignified Guinea Pig named Boris; and two parakeets named Chirps and Feathers. In 2013, after working for many years in the natural food industry and retail management, I made the decision to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher. So far, this journey has taken me into the classrooms and lives of students from the 3rd to 5th grade, and afforded me the opportunity to work with teachers for whom I have the deepest admiration and respect. The experiences I have had, while at times challenging, have thoroughly confirmed my decision to become a teacher and serve the community in this way.

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Education, in all its forms, has opened many doors for me and has given me access to truly wonderful experiences. As a father of two very curious children, I am constantly reminded of how education gives texture to the world around us, enlivens the imagination, make us more thoughtful, and enriches our desire to better understand each other. For this reason, I believe education is of fundamental importance to the fabric of our society, and that great teachers serve a crucial function in this regard. The classroom is one of the principal places from which children’s future potential takes seed. Being able to participate in such a worthwhile and meaningful pursuit is a great privilege. I also believe the process of learning is a lifelong endeavor. Like my children, I am curious and have always had an insatiable appetite to understand the world around me. As a teacher I hope that I am able to create the type of learning environment that fosters an eagerness to learn, adapt, and explore new worlds and ideas.

More personally, I enjoy listening and creating music, gardening, being in the outdoors, and traveling. Some of my favorite activities include canoeing and kayaking, hiking, camping, and bicycling. Living along the Navesink River in Monmouth County, New Jersey, I have access to countless public parks, beaches, trails, and historical sites. I particularly enjoy engaging in the countless activities this part of New Jersey affords, be it hiking the Appalachian Trail, camping in the Pinelands, or taking the train to New York City. But most importantly, I enjoy spending each and every day watching your children grow and learn!

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